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Academic Integrity - Plagiarism in essays -

Academic Integrity – Plagiarism in essays

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is something that is a very serious offense in schools, and it needs to be avoided. Now, when an individual thinks of the term “plagiarism”, they may automatically associate it with an individual stealing answers from another person’s homework, or a test. However, within the academic setting, this term goes much farther than that. plagiarism, is when you do not cite your own work when using sources. Now, in the following scenario, we have a girl who writes a piece about her thoughts on artists. While this is not a problem there are two issues with what she is doing. The first issue, is that she is adding the thoughts of the artists as her own. And secondly, not once did she cite any sources. These are both examples of plagiarism. So, when one asks if this girl is plagiarizing, then the answer would be yes. This also relates to two main points that the article “”Academic Integrity: online classes compared to face-to-face criticism” says. The first main point is that cheating occurs more often within the academic setting. The reason this is the case, is because within an academic setting, it is not only easier to copy work, but it is easier to get careless with how one represents their work. This is different from someone in an online setting, because they are more aware of their research. In the second main point, one of the other essential points that the article mentions, is that paraphrasing without citing, is one of the biggest issues that individuals face when it comes to plagiarism. The reason behind this, is because people can get so eager with completing their own work, that they forget to not take other words as their own.

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