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Boost Your Memory: 8 Tips for Students

Boost Your Memory: 8 Tips for Students

Many students want to show better results so they study more. However, the effective learning process requires a student to remember large amounts of information, and it shouldn’t take too much time. We decided to help you with your studies. Learn how to increase your memory with our simple tips.

1. Take a Walk Before a Test

Physical exercises increase our memory and deliver more energy to our brain. According to research by Dr. Chuck Hillman from the University of Illinois, students show better performance on exams if they exercise about 20 minutes before the exam.

2. Don’t Read – Speak Out Loud

Scientists found out that people are 50% more likely to keep in mind some information if they don’t just read it but speak it out loud. This method is even more effective than reading the same text a few times in a row. Even if this advice sounds crazy to you, this method is worth giving it a try. You will see that it allows you to remember more. However, don’t use this method if you’re in a public place.

3. Become a Teacher

It may sound strange, but the best way to learn something is to teach somebody else. Even if you’re not ready to become a real teacher, you can teach your friends or even toys. The main thing is to explain something and to speak out loud.

4. Build Associations

Connections between different types of information are not the easiest way to remember something, however, this method can also help you improve your imagination and creativity. According to Steve Jobs, the main ingredient of creativity is the ability to connect things. Many creative people don’t actually create new solutions but properly connect things that already exist.

If you want to easily connect different ideas and images, try using Mind Maps – this approach will allow you to structurize information and to connect ideas visually.

5. Learn to Use Google Properly

If you want to study more effectively, you should use Google properly. Many people don’t know that there are plenty of search options available, for example:

  • Put a phrase in quotation marks (“”) and Google will search for this exact phrase.
  • Use a dash (-) to exclude some words from the search results.
  • Use a tilde (~) to include synonyms in the results. For example, if you search for literary ~courses, the results will also show you literary classes, coaching, lessons, etc.
  • Use site: with the address of a website to search within this website only.
  • Use vertical bar (|) to separate several keywords. In the results, there will be pages with any of these words.
  • To search for a period of time, separate two dates with two periods (..), for example: best albums 1970..1990.

6. Take Breaks Frequently

Your brain needs to relax sometimes. Taking breaks, you allow your brain to process more information. It will also help you stay focused and motivated. We suggest taking breaks every 50 minutes, as your level of concentration quickly decreases after this period. Your brain doesn’t keep any new information you perceive after 90 minutes.

7. Sleep More

It’s very important to have enough sleep, especially when preparing for exams. When we sleep, the brain keeps working with the information we’ve learned today. Thus, sleep more, and you will remember more difficult formulas and other information that seems so difficult.

8. Get Professional Help

Every one of us needs help sometimes. Even the most successful students sometimes get stuck and ask for help. Fortunately, our website is the place where you can find the best professionals. They will help you manage your work, helping with academic assignments, and giving you more time to prepare for exams. In addition, you can tell them what the topic of your exam is, and they will provide you with useful class notes that will help you memorize more important information.

Finally, if you want to successfully pass your exams, you need to stay positive. Your mood can work wonders, so stay motivated and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Boost Your Memory: 8 Tips for Students
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  1. Donkey says:

    I’d like to add several more methods. There are a lot of great games to boost your memory.

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