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Case Study Example

Case Study Example

Q1. While being an HR director, I would communicate effectively with the employee. I will ask the CEO to reduce the working hours or give them off on the weekend instead. Not only this, but I will also discuss their matters and will try to resolve all threats that are being faced by employees from senior officers. I will keep an eagle eye on what’s happening around. I will also warn the higher officers for any misconduct with the employers working under them.

Q2. I will pay concern to the employee issues and try to be a source of helping hand by providing them incentives, such as offering them housing or transportation services for free. This will make the employees happy and satisfied. Also giving them off for on the weekend will relax the situation, and people will be encouraged to work under a stress-free environment.

Q3. The current situation is not satisfactory. Employees are being crushed under seniors; therefore, taking the benefit of my position as HR Manager, I will first of all talk to senior officers. I will instruct them to deal with politeness with the working staff. Besides, if they are not able to work within the deadlines, one should give them a chance. I will also provide the warning to senior officers that if any misbehavior is reported from their side, so they either will be charged fines or will be fired. I will also ask Mr Mark Pincus to not to be harsh and work with calmness because values are an essential part of business dealings.

Q4. This is not the right way because it will somewhere lead to biases and also this will discourage the outside workers to apply for this company as they will be demotivated by the fact that if they performed badly so will be kicked out. Instead once chance should be given on every part of life because one lousy performance can invigorate someone to emerge out stronger.

Case Study Example
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