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How to Create an Impressive Business Card: Design Essay

How to Create an Impressive Business Card: Design Essay

What is a good business card? It’s a card that you want to keep, rather than throw it away. It must be something in this card that makes it unique, interesting or useful. In this paper, we’ll try to understand how to make a business card that is different from any other. Good business card pushes people to keep it and look at it again and again. First of all, the impression of your card depends on its visual appearance. Cousins (2013) claims that a card can be fun or trendy, if there were used vivid colors, unique text or interesting printing technology. Rebekah (2016) suggests to experiment with materials. It’s not necessary to make your choice in favor of paper. Business card can be made of PCB, metal, or even liquids. Lansky (2015) points out that a card can speak for itself, and Lauren (2016) develops such an idea, saying that any card can demonstrate a certain product. Wikipedia (2017) says that the best way to make people want to keep a card is making it useful.

Business cards are a necessary thing for every kind of business. Every businessman needs to share information, as well as receive it, during the business meetings. It’s not enough to just shake hands and talk to each other. Business card reminds your customers and partners of who you are and why they should contact you.

The feature of human perception is that we remember things that surprise us. Such a purpose is worth making the card visually impressive, therefore increasing chances for people to keep it. When a businessman meets somebody for the first time, it’s important to create an unforgettable first impression. This is exactly the moment when a business card can play a key role. To grab the attention, you can use different fonts, colors or images. As for the size, Cousins (2013) says that it’s better to follow the traditional standards (3.5” by 2”). This size is perfect for any pocket. However, Rebekah (2016) claims that probably any object, even a printed peanut, can serve as a card. If you don’t want to share much information, sharing only a web address or so, you can use half-sized cards.

Cousins (2013) also talks about minimalism, which is a perfect solution for essential data. Good text, along with minimalistic and trendy design, is able to impress everyone. Moreover, such an approach makes it easy to scan.

Such a tiny thing can introduce your business to others, describing what your business is about, in an easy visual manner. Rebekah (2016) considers PCBs and writes about a fiberglass card, covered with thin copper. It’s much more memorable than an obvious paper with ink; this card grabs attention and makes people want to keep it.

Lansky (2016) goes further and suggests making the card interactive. Your card can talk to your customers when they touch a certain area. Such a card can play a short audio file. You can even make it rechargeable and rewritable, which makes it more useful.

Lauren (2015) creates a concept of the most advanced business card ever, which includes a built-in display along with a speaker. Such a card can show a video presentation. Making it rechargeable and rewritable, you also motivate people to keep it longer.

There are a lot of solutions for business cards, such as a built-in USB stick (Rebekah, 2016). People will use it over and over again. Wikipedia (2016) also gives an idea of a bootable card, which is a small CD with pre-installed operational system. Such a device can be applicable in different situations, such as a computer recovery.


If you’re looking for the best business card, you must remember the main purpose of it. It must represent your business and help you make new connections. Make your card directly related to your business and your brand, and your success won’t be long in coming!

Writing about design is not an easy task at all. It’s hard to convert visual images into words. We know how difficult such an assignment can be for you, as well as how familiar you should be with the specific vocabulary, in order to describe everything right.

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How to Create an Impressive Business Card: Design Essay
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