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Dissertation Chapter: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Dissertation Chapter: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Respond to: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

In the highly competitive business environment of the 21st century, which may be characterized by the informational overload, there is a need to aligning the marketing strategy and thus, the set of its underlying campaigns, with the latest advancements in the digital technologies and marketing – in order to attract and retain the maximally-possible number of the consumers. As it is claimed in the article, the podcast is a new toolkit, which may be used by the marketers for the enhancement of their target audience as well as keeping it updated in terms of the latest developments in the particular area, advantages of such developments, etc.
The following estimates are given in the article – stability of the TV and radio advertisements and 100% increase in the total number of podcasts by 2021. The core argument, given in the article, is the following – the target audience of such type of mass media material is represented by all users of the gadgets, while the major emphasis is put by the marketers on people of the following age range: 18-34 years (Harrison, 2016).
The search engine optimization is implied by the advertising on podcasts and thus, the process of targeting is integrated into such form of the marketing campaign – when the individual is reached by the advertisement in the area of one’s particular interest (Williams, 2016).
Thus, it is possible to accept the statement of the author of the article that the experts in marketing should shirt their emphasis form the traditional forms of marketing to the innovative ones, which are more promising and convenient for all engaged parties (advertisers, company, offering particular prolific or services and clients). Such an approach implies the possibility of contacting the potential clients instead of overcrowding the informational environment with the spam. Finally, significant monetary advantages are implied by such approach as an advertisement in such case becomes affordable for the business owners and thus, the cost of advertisement campaign is not to be integrated into the final price of the product anymore.


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Dissertation Chapter: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool
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