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Essay on Article "The Saddest Christmas Tree Ever" -

Essay on Article “The Saddest Christmas Tree Ever”

We mean it, really. It’s bad.

Play any Christmas song (just turn the radio on, and here we go, jingles and bells), and you’ll get a picture of a wonderful tree, decorated with ornaments, and shining brightly. Kids are playing around, everybody is celebrating, and its green branches create an incredible atmosphere of the main holiday of the year. Anyway, the last thing for a Christmas tree to be compared with would be a toilet brush… or not?

Well, figure it out yourself. One of the plazas in Rome made such a comparison possible. This tree is called Spelacchio, which means “balding”. This tree blew up social media with its long branches, a few pathetic needles, and a lot of air between its almost bald “arms”. An image of a bathroom device mentioned above comes to your mind with the very first look at this tree. And we almost forgot to say that it’s probably dead already.

According to city authorities, the tree from Piazza Venezia is really dead and rootless. It cost no less than $55,000, and now everyone is trying to save it for just a little bit longer.

A representative of Rome’s environmental department told Corriere Della Sera that such rootless trees are a common thing, since it’s hard to transport a tree with a bunch of soil, and the entire root system. It was noted that the tree is “tall and imposing”, and yeah, we must admit that it’s at least tall.

Suppliers predictably denied their role in the premature death of the poor tree, saying that it was bought in excellent condition. The spokesman of the company, Stefano Cattoi said that they cannot deny the fact that something bad happened to the tree, and it must have overcome much stress. City authorities are going to investigate this problem.

While it’s only a week left before Christmas, citizens have their fun joking about the most pathetic Christmas tree in the world. This tree now has a trendy hashtag, a Twitter account, and fans from all over the world talking about it. Thus, it’s somewhat a success, which is not the case for the tree from Rhode Island, which was silently removed from the State House.

Most of the people who were lucky enough to see this tree compare it with a toilet brush. More sophisticated minds also call Spelacchio a Shakespearean tragedy. Movie fans would describe the tree as Weekend at Bernie’s Trailer.

But the saddest thing about this tree is that you can walk a little further, and see a great, healthy tree standing in St. Peter’s Square. Such a wealthy neighbor makes Spelacchio look even worse.

However, some fans even started planning a funeral for the tree, including a sad musical composition. It seems that a ceremony will be canceled, but it won’t stop sympathizers from grieving. Rust in peace, Spelacchio, we’ll never forget you.

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