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Essay on News "UPS Ordered 125 Tesla Trucks to Decrease Emissions" -

Essay on News “UPS Ordered 125 Tesla Trucks to Decrease Emissions”

On Tuesday, UPS has ordered 125 Tesla semi-trucks. Juan Peres, the Chief Information and Engineering Officer told Xinhua that these all-electric trucks will help cut emissions and reduce transportation costs significantly. He stated that Tesla tractors begin a new era in transportation, being not only environment-friendly and cheap but also much safer than regular trucks.

This deal is a new biggest order after PepsiCo ordered 100 vehicles last week. Semi-trucks were presented on November 16, and according to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, these trucks will be ready in 2019.

One Semi’s charge provides up to 804 kilometers (500 miles), and such a travel will cost much less than the same distance for diesel trucks. Musk noted low maintenance costs and significant fuel savings.

Another ten trucks were reserved by German logistics company, DHL. Walmart and J.B. Hunt have already told about their plans to order Semis, so now Tesla has more than 400 pre-orders.

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