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Essay’s Introduction and Conclusion

Essay’s Introduction and Conclusion

An introduction and a conclusion are two very important sections of any essay, as they explain the importance of the topic and help understand the purpose of the paper, as well as lessons learned.


The introduction is aimed to attract attention and to explain what the essay will be about.

  1. Grab attention using a so-called ‘hook’ — the first sentence that will make your audience want to read more. There are many ways to create an effective hook:
    1. An outstanding fact
      This fact must be supported by evidence. It may be some information that supports your point and gives the most vivid example of what you’re talking about. It may also be controversial information that will motivate your readers to learn more about your opinion.
      If you choose this approach, don’t forget to elaborate your idea. Write a couple sentences that will clarify your point.
    2. An anecdote
      You can also start with a story that illustrates your idea. Make sure it’s short and is directly related to your topic. It may be a very effective kind of hook, however, use it carefully.
    3. A dialogue
      It’s not necessary to introduce speakers or to explain the background of the dialogue. The main thing is to explain your point using a dialogue as an example. This approach also requires you to elaborate your idea to make it as clear as possible.
    4. A summary
      You can also briefly describe your main ideas and the most important arguments, providing a few sentences of a brief summary. You can make each sentence more specific than the previous one, slowly moving to the thesis statement.
  2. If your hook is short, write a couple more sentences to make a logical transition from the hook to the thesis statement.
  3. Write your thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph.


The conclusion can just summarize everything you said before or consider your topic from a new angle, analyzing it in a more global context. It may also focus on the importance of the topic for each reader.

There are no strict rules regarding the conclusion. Just make sure it sounds strong and summarizes the whole essay in a more simple and meaningful way. Avoid re-writing your ideas word-for-word, and don’t provide any new facts in this section.

Essay’s Introduction and Conclusion
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