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Management Essay Sample

Management Essay Sample

I agree with you that deciding to acquire another business in the business world while your company was facing the problem of laying off some of its workers was a rush decision. A firm only decides to expand its operations when there are evident growth and development and increased demand of its services within the corporate world. One aspect of merging companies that is evident in the corporate world is the fact that many jobs and employees performing similar tasks will recur. The recurrence is bound to hurt the company in question. In this case, I agree that such a decision would mean that your former employer was obligated to pay employees who performed the same tasks in the merging partners.

It is over 20 years now since the company made the decision, which means that many of the wrong choices made by the management by then had been corrected and new ways of expanding the operations of the company were discovered. With the advent of technology and the increase in the number of customers, the company has used become the most significant and valuable supplier of jewelry and related products in the United States, Canada the United Kingdom. I also acknowledge that the main reason behind the fast growth and change in the course of the failing company concerning employee sustenance was concurring the online clientele-base (Bilgihan et al., 2016). I agree that the company managed to deliver its best and dominate in these significant nations of the world because of the online sales. I would support that the discovery of the online strategy would steer the sales up with the increased clientele-base that prefer online purchase of their jewelry products.


Bilgihan, A., Kandampully, J., & Zhang, T. (2016). Towards a unified customer experience in online shopping environments: Antecedents and outcomes. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 8(1), 102-119.

Management Essay Sample
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