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nter-Personal Growth Profile Example -

nter-Personal Growth Profile Example






Inter-Personal Growth Profile


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I am a girl who is outgoing in nature. That means that I approach situations head-on rather than wait for things to happen. I’m like a chameleon because my actions tend to seem unpredictable to people. A person may expect me to react to a serious situation with aggression but then I brush it off once it has happened. I may also react wildly once I receive a text message from my friend, this is the irony. Being a chameleon, I also adapt to difficult situations as they arise with the appropriate response.

Another aspect of my nature is that I remain strong through the challenges that come in life. My outgoing nature pushes me forward rather than into despair like some other people. It is important for people to understand that twists and turns in life are inevitable. Just as multiple wonderful events are bound to happen in one’s life, difficulties will also come from time to time. An uncle of mine once told me that if something knocks you down, dust yourself and keep walking. I think he was right.

Honesty is a wonderful aspect of character for a person to possess. I pride myself on being an honest individual. If someone does some wrong, I give it to him or her straight. It is better for people to tell others, especially those close to them the truth rather than hold it back. That creates an atmosphere of openness and trust between close individuals. Although I consider truthfulness one of my greatest attributes, some people view it a great shortcoming. In some situations, I tell people what I think about them bluntly. Sometimes what I say sounds offensive because of that. I may not state some things with the intention of offending someone, but yet again, that may be my intention all along. The blunt nature of my remarks means that I do not like hypocritical people. That is because if you live with a snake, one day it will turn on you and bite you. It is best to remain honest with people.

I like to hang out with my friends a lot. These are the moments that give me the greatest joy. That is because I get to spend time with people who have varying character. Some of them are outgoing like Asha. She lights up our group. Sometimes, we may be in a bad mood, probably after a tough continuous assessment test. She will just take a jab at someone and make fun of their shoes. Everybody bursts out laughing at the person, all in good heart of course. Nobody takes offense at Asha’s barbs; we know she is never serious. I see too much of myself inside Asha because she does not hide what she feels about a person. That is why we frequently clash because we tell each other the brutal truth. But then again, that is what keeps us close to each other.

Jane, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Asha. She is reserved and prefers to avoid confrontation at all costs. It is unusual for her to react to irritating situations; she just brushes off the offense. However, when a person pushes her to the edge, he or she gets a front row ticket to a show called the ugly side of Jane. The good thing is that it rarely happens. She is always supportive of all our efforts which make her extra likable. We would not imagine the group without her.

I consider Asha and Jane as to of the greatest influences to my approach to any communication process. Jane does not speak much. She only reveals herself once you open up to her. If I were to keep silent through the moments when we are together, then she and me would never have a conversation. Therefore, I spark up a conversation with her by saying a lot of things without any regard. She reciprocates my efforts by opening up to me and telling me intimate stuff about herself. Jane is really funny once you get to know her and she can crack a person up with some nice jokes.

Jane’s reserved nature entices me to express myself through communication. It shows me that there are people with whom I can share intimate things without the fear that they will expose my weaknesses. She has also taught me to be blunt in my communication. Consequently, if I do not like what a person is saying to me, I do not bother talking to them. We call it the art of not wasting our time or that of other people.

Asha has taught me the art of turn-taking in any communication process. We are both very talkative and consequently, if we do not observe some order, we will never communicate. If she has something pressing or even funny to say, I let her do it. She returns the favor by giving me a chance to speak whenever I want to do so. Of course, we interrupt each other frequently which lead to raised voices and heated arguments, but it is all in good fun.

The fact that Asha speaks just as much as I do, has shown me the need to incorporate listening skills in my communication. As much as I feel the urge to express myself and my feelings in my conversations, I let other people do the same thing. Consequently, it never seems like I am dominating a conversation unless I feel like it. She has also taught me the importance of staying real and speaking my mind boldly. That prevents me from exhibiting hypocritical behavior which I dislike with a passion.

There are various events that exhibited facets of self-awareness in my communication techniques, but one of them stood out from the rest. We had a continuous assessment test coming up in one week. The group which includes Jane, Asha and me were studying together. I tend to take situations like that very seriously. At times, the way I lose my temperament surprises me greatly. Our discussions started with a serious tone, and we were all focused on the books ignoring all distractions.

As the discussions grew, the mood got boring, and I could see it in both Asha and Jane. Asha could not help lighting up the mood. She cracked a joke which got Jane bursting out in laughter. If she made that joke under different circumstances, I would have joined in the laughter. However, the situation did not allow me to do so. I was on edge, and every derailment to the study process felt like an act of provocation to me. That offense could not go without a response from me.

I burst out reprimanding them for their indifference to the gravity of the situation. They received some extremely harsh words from me, but they did not react. Once I cooled down, they came close and tried to find out what had pushed me to the edge. I apologized for being mean to them and assured them that I would learn to control my emotions.

I learned a key lesson from that experience. It was best for a person never to react in the heat of emotions. That expressed a side of a person which is not an accurate representation of his or her true self. I also saw that there is always room for a little humor no matter how dire the situation. Never miss the chance to put a smile on the face of a person, especially your friends, just like Asha did. My friends chose to deal with my rage in a mature manner rather than lash out at me. That showed me that it serves no purpose for people to escalate misunderstandings to large proportions. People go through a lot of struggles in daily life. Therefore, it is important for us to accommodate both the good and bad sides of a person.

It is important for any person participating in the communication process to maintain his or her temperament. That is because people do not always agree with the opinions of other people. Consequently, if we are quick to react to any slight provocation, people will remain in a state of conflict, and there will be no harmony in society.

Activism is an essential element of human society. The world is still a long way from ensuring civil rights and equality for every person. That is the case for women who most of the society never seems to take seriously. My hope for the future is that women will have the ability to stand on the same platform as men. Indeed, a woman will be able to access the same opportunities as a man because they both operate on a level playing field.

Although activism plays a major role in pushing for equal representation of women in society, it is not enough. Politics helps people to push that agenda sufficiently. I intend to join politics in the future, and that requires me to be a vocal person. That is why I push myself to express my opinion at every opportunity that I get.

Olden day society believed that a woman existed for society to see but not hear her. Some cultures still hold on to that practice. I intend to invest my efforts into breaking the norm. If I am not vocal, then the world will never hear my thoughts. However, I intend to listen to the ideas of other people and work with them to accomplish my motive. That is what influences my techniques of communication.

Personal relations with our peers help boost our communication skills. They help a person to understand how he or she should react in a given situation. Emotions play a crucial role in the communication process. However, we should not allow them full control over any given situation because the results may turn out embarrassing. Finally, interpersonal communication is an essential part of society because, without it, people would never build relationships or solve their conflict. We would have a very boring world.

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