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Physics Problem solving -

Physics Problem solving

  1. A current of IA flow in a wire for 5 minutes. Find the amount of electric charge that flows through the wire?
  2. A) How much work is done in moving a charge of 5C between two points in a circuit having a potential difference of 10V?

B) An electric bulb is connected to a 220 V source. If the resistance of the bulb filament is 1000 Ohm find the current?

  1. An electric heater coil is connect to a 220 V source. If the resistance of the heater coil is 220 Ohm find the current?
  2. Resistance of a metal wire if length 2 m in 40 Ohm. If the diameter of the wire is 0.3 mm what will be resistivity of the metal at that temperature?
  3. A 8 Ohm resistance wire is stretched to double its length. Calculate the new resistance of the wire?


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