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Buy Application Letter to Be on the Safe Side There are numerous websites and companies that allow you to order application letter, but there is only one option worthy of your attention – If you choose our website, you are going to solve all your problems with application letter writing, use all our advantages […]

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The world of education has always involved a certain competition. For modern students, it becomes more competitive every year. Applying to college, students face the competition for the first time. Many talented students who have great average grades and high SAT scores sometimes cannot get to college because there are too many students with the […]

Worst Topics for College Admission Essays

An interesting fact: some worst topics are at the same time most common topics. We decided to provide you with a list of topics to avoid, because we know that choosing a topic is a difficult task. There are many reasons why students keep choosing boring and typical topics for their essays. Somebody may think […]

10 Topics for College Admission Essays to Avoid

For many students, writing an essay is the most complicated part of their admission process. Most often, the first problem is choosing a topic for the essay. For example, applicants try to write about their pets or sports achievements, which is the best way to send your essay right into a trash can. We’ve talked […]

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