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Who Would Write My Essay?

The only thing students think of at the end of a term is how to complete all assignments on time. If you are clever enough, you will be thinking who would write an essay for you. If you are experienced, you know you should go to some writing service. But which one is good?

Some people believe writing services are not ethical because it is cheating. But they might be forgetting that students usually have jobs to make for a living. There is not much time left for studies, if there is any. You may be a great student and would like to do everything yourself. But why should you if you can save some time and entrust your writing to some essay service? The problem is that you do not really know who can be trusted.

Why We Would Be A Great Choice

You order a paper from us and save your time. We take your assignment and provide you with a great paper as soon as possible. The main thing is that you should provide as many details on your task as possible. Otherwise, our writers may miss something important that you need to have in the paper.

The information you need to provide includes writing instructions, the number of words, the formatting style, the deadline. It would be enough to write a complete paper. As for the deadline, we take urgent orders. And you will receive a quality work.

Doing It Right

A teacher asks to write an essay to see what knowledge you have gained. And you definitely do not want to mess up. So you have a chance to get an original paper from people with vast experience in the field of academic writing.

Yes, we are going to persuade you that our service is one of the best online writing services and that you should try placing an order with us. Here is why.

If you are a newbie here, you will definitely need some help to understand what is what and how it all works. For that we have a 24/7 customer support service whose staff is well trained and qualified. They can provide any information you might be interested in and recommend you someone who can write an essay for you.

When we accept your request, we assign a writer who is going to deal with the assignment. We have a big database of professional academic writers with respective experience of a few years. You can be sure we will find most suitable for your case.

Although our writers are good at their job, we always check all papers for plagiarism. The latter must be the biggest problem with college writing, so we want to make sure everything is alright. Before you receive your paper, we proofread it. Our writers make mistakes too.

So how about placing an order right now? Let’s check how it works.

  • Fill in the form

After you click the Order button, you will see a table that you need to fill in. The form requests paper details, such as a subject, instructions, formatting, the number of pages, additional information, etc. If there is something unclear, you can get in touch with the customer support team. They will help you out.

  • Pay for it

Yes, you should pay in advance. But there is no need to worry. Your money is safe. When we assign a writer to your order, you should make payment. We accept the most popular payment methods, like PayPal, Skrill, but a credit card will do too. Then you submit a payment, and we receive a new paper request.

  • Take your paper

When the paper is complete, you will be notified. You come and take it, that’s all. Of course, you should check it—and you will— to see whether everything is right as you wanted. If there is any issue, you can ask for revision. We provide it for free.

Across the Globe

Our main market is based in the US, but we also provide our services in other countries, for example the UK, Australia, Canada and others. We want to help students, and it doesn’t matter in what part of the world they live. Students are all the same, they have the same problems. And they need help. If you need help too, you can order a paper from us right now. It won’t take long.

How to Write Essay in 40 Minutes

First of all, don’t start writing immediately. Take five minutes to plan your work.

Think about your thesis statement. After that, plan your arguments that will support the thesis. Write down your arguments in a logical order. You may want to begin with the weakest argument and move to the strongest one or choose the opposite. No matter what approach you choose, it may work if you will stick to the chosen logical order. Don’t write a draft at this stage, just jot down your ideas and imagine what your essay will look like.

The thing is, it may turn out that you don’t have enough supporting arguments when a part of your essay is already written. To avoid such a scenario, play with ideas and spend a few minutes choosing proper arguments. In this case, if you see that you don’t have enough information to prove your thesis, you’ll be able to just choose another thesis. If you need to write an argumentative essay, standing either for or against a certain idea, we suggest considering the opposite argument. Sometime such a position may turn out to be much easier to support than it seems.

Such an approach has three main purposes:

  1. You can create a strong introduction, which is an extremely important part of any successful essay. Sometimes students start writing the introduction and then develop their main idea. Thus, they don’t understand what their essay will be about until most of it is written. Of course, you can try to fix such a situation by writing an outstanding conclusion, but we suggest developing your thesis statement first so that you can have a clear picture of the whole essay before you get to the introduction.
  2. You can choose a good thesis statement and main arguments that are actually informative. Sometimes students start writing an essay and then realize that they don’t know what to say. They try to make their essay longer, adding meaningless sentences, and the whole task turns into a disaster. To avoid such a mistake, you can plan your thesis and arguments in advance, making sure that your essay will be interesting.
  3. When you have a plan, it’s much easier to write, after all. You can stick to the main idea and don’t need to rack your brains about the next step.

The planning part of a task will take about five minutes. Do you think it’s too much? The truth is, all SAT experts agree that sacrificing five minutes for planning is a right choice. SAT tests usually imply 25 minutes for essay writing, but even if you have less time, a few minutes of planning will allow you to write a better essay and don’t get stressed out.

Don’t forget that the length of your essay does matter. According to statistics, there is a relationship between the length of an essay and the grade, so keep it in mind. Therefore, you really need to find a subject that you actually have something to say about.

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