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  1. What is a process of order placement?

If you want to use our services and place an order, please fill out a form. Provide as many details as possible and proceed with payment.

  1. Paper information is uploaded. When will the process start?

The paper writing process will start right after the payment is made. You will see an updated status in your profile once a writer is assigned.

  1. What is a price for my order?

The price for the paper includes three major components: deadline, difficulty level, and word number. We offer our customers to use online calculator available on the website to check a price for the whole paper prior to order submission. Our pricing policy provides fair prices for our services, so we can satisfy the needs of a wider audience.

Please notice that prices start from $10 per page. We provide high quality writing services, so be sure to have an impeccable paper delivered to you by the deadline. If some services offer lower prices, check whether they are not scam. Also, there are writing services that provide papers for low cost, but later you may find your paper online for free.

  1. Should I pre-pay my order?

Yes, every customer is required to provide a payment, otherwise our writers won’t start writing. We guarantee a high quality of the paper. In case you want a paper to be edited, use free revision option and ask for changes to be made, this service is guaranteed by Revision Policy. If you are not satisfied at all, you can apply to Money Back policy.

  1. Is it safe to provide my personal information to make payment before paper delivery?

To have a chance to use our services it is required to state basic personal data, including: name/surname, phone number, home address. As for the credit card information, we need only the last for digits. They are used to go through authorization procedure and to process transactions.

  1. Are Title and Reference pages free of charge?

Yes, Title and Reference pages of the essay are included for free by our service.

  1. Do you give discounts to your clients?

Our clients can contact Customer Support Representatives for discounts.

  1. I want my money back, as I don’t like your product.

If for some reasons you are not satisfied with a quality of your paper, you can request up to three free revisions of the paper. In case you want to cancel the request and have your money back, we can guarantee it in accordance with our Money Back policy.

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  1. Do I cheat if I use your services?

Using our services is not cheating. You have a chance to see how professional writers work, and learn how to write impeccable essays as they do. Our company aims to help students be better. We want to show an excellent example of a paper that will get high acclaim.

  1. Do you resell papers?

The policy of the company forbids selling pre-written papers. We are totally against such practice, as we can put at risk all our clients. Resold paper can be detected as plagiarized. In case you have some doubts about the quality of a paper, feel free to contact our Customer Support Representatives to inform us about an issue and ask for money refund.

  1. What is a format of the papers you provide?

Our writers will format a paper following your requirements. Please make sure you provide all important details, as paper formatting estimated as a part of your grade. In case there are no details on the paper format, it will be written in MLA, Arial font, 12pt, double-spaced with 1 inch margins. A standard format of our papers is always double-spaced and contains around 275 words per page. If you need it to be single-spaced, please state it in your order.

  1. I liked my previous writer. Can I choose him again?

Yes, you can. Every writer has their own ID. Next time you place an order on our website, choose a “My previous writer” option and state an ID. Please remember that this service is only available for orders with a deadline of 24 hours and more. What is more, if you choose this option, the cost will increase, not taking into account a writer’s level.

  1. Do you guarantee that my paper will be plagiarism free?

We work with professional writers who provide our customers with unique and plagiarism free papers. Our company uses safe and reliable online services to check papers on plagiarism.

We don’t use TurnItIn. If you check a paper with it, the service will save a content of your paper in its database, and next time you check the paper it will be 100% plagiarized. The company relies on WebCheck, it doesn’t store papers in database, but perfectly detects plagiarized ideas.

  1. How long does it take for you to work on my paper?

The first draft will be delivered within stated deadline. The shortest time frame available for our customers is 8 hours. The moment we receive a payment for an order, the writing process will start. Please remember that if your paper requires revision and editing, you will be asked to state a new deadline.

  1. Who will write my paper?

The writers we work with come from different countries, but you can be sure that a real professional is working on your case. They can complete papers both in British and American English. Also, they hold degrees in various subjects that allows writing an excellent paper for you. Our Quality Assurance Department makes sure we hire the best writers possible.

  1. How many pages should my paper contain?

The number of pages in your paper depends on the number of words and its format. If you need single-spaced pages, there will be around 550 words per page, double-spaced – 275 w/p. Count the number of pages using our online calculator. Title and Reference pages are added to your paper for free.

  1. Can I order a paper for free?

In order to get a paper discount you should promote our website among your friends. If your friends will use our services, they will get 10% off for the first placed order, and you will receive a bonus with every new client you bring to our company.

  1. Can I place an order for online assignment?

If you have a chance to upload an assignment to your order, our writer can complete it and send a filled out paper.

  1. What types of papers can I order from your website?

We have a wide range of services that include academic, business, individual and web writing assignments. In case of specific assignments, please share a sample with us, and we will let you know whether any writer is free to complete it.

Order Access, Privacy Issues, Authorization, Communication, and Revision Information

  1. Do you guarantee confidentiality?

We value every customer and do our best to protect their private data. Our company doesn’t share any information with third party companies. Your data stays safe on our website. You need to state these information to go through authorization process to prove that a credit card wasn’t stolen. Also, Customer Support Representatives from can get in touch with you to check some information and discuss details on your order. Privacy Policy provides more information on this issue.

  1. How will a complete paper be delivered to me?

Once the first draft is completed, you receive a notification to your e-mail. Next you have to log in to your personal account, where you will see your paper as watermarked images. Now you can review it. In case you are totally satisfied with a paper, hit an “Approve” button and download it as a MS Word file. In case your paper required revision and editing, you can send it back to your writer. Remember that three free revisions are available for you.

  1. Can I get an access to my account if I have forgotten the password?

The login page has a “Forgot your password?” button for clients who cannot get an access to their profile, as they don’t remember the password. Provide your e-mail address, and instructions will be sent immediately.

  1. How can I get in touch with my personal writer?

Your personal account is supplied with excellent messaging system that enables communication between you and your personal writer. You can make sure you are on the same page and a writer fully understands paper requirements. Also, you can contact our Customer Support Representatives via Control Panel. Communication via individual e-mail addresses or phone between a writer and a client is forbidden. Log in to your personal profile, choose the order number and send a message to your writer.

  1. Can I ask a writer to use some specific sources and materials to complete my order?

Every customer can upload required materials and state sources that are to be used to write a paper. Click a “Files” button and upload everything that is necessary to write your paper. The system accepts all popular formats. Please remember that the size of the documents shouldn’t exceed 20 MB. Customer Support Representatives can help you if you face some issues with uploading, or you can send files to We will share the documents with your writer. Don’t forget to provide an ID of your order.

  1. How can I ask for paper revision?

If you have reviewed your paper and see that some changes are required, don’t hesitate and send it for revision. You can state all the details and highlight parts that need to be reconsidered. By clicking a “Send for revision” button, the paper will be sent back to your writer. If you have already approved the paper, revision service is still available for you in the first seven days after a paper was approved. Contact our Customer Support Representative team in regard to this matter.

  1. Paper preview: what is it?

The first draft is available as watermarked image. You can review a paper, and then approve it or send for revision. If everything is fine, click an “Approve” button and get a paper available in MS Word format. Now you can download it.

  1. What do you mean by “Authorization”?

Authorization is required for every customer. This procedure helps us to verify whether the user is a real person. Risk Department keeps your personal data and money safe. You can validate the provided information with an e-mail, phone number, or credit card. Unauthorized users can be denied in using our services.

  1. I haven’t received an authorization code.

If you go through authorization process, within next 20 minutes, a system will sent two codes: one to your email, another to your cell phone. These codes are required to enter your profile’s Control Panel. If you need more information, contact Customer Support Representatives via e-mail or chat on our website.


  1. I need more information about revision policy.

Our company offers three free revisions. If you think the first draft needs editing, please send a request for paper revision providing your requirements. The writer will follow all of them. In case you have already approved a paper, don’t worry, you can apply for paper revision within next 7 days after approval. If your paper is more than 20 pages, you have 14 days. Contact our Customer Support Representatives in regard to this matter.


  1. What if a paper wasn’t delivered on time?

If for some reasons a writer misses a deadline, please contact Customer Support Representatives and inform them about the issue. It is a serious matter that needs a thorough consideration. We have to find out a reason. If it is a writer’s fault, we can make a refund according to our policy. If the cause of a missed deadline is wrong instructions or a paper is under revision, we will deliver it as soon as possible.

  1. Is it possible to place an order for a paper of extra high quality?

Every customer is guaranteed to receive an impeccable paper of high quality. But if you need something to impress your scholars with, you can choose a “Top Writer” service. One of our best and most experienced writers will provide a paper. If you select this option, a price for the paper will increase.

  1. Do you have a VIP service for clients?

Yes, we do. While placing an order, choose “VIP customer service.” Your request will be put on top as high priority assignment. In addition, you will receive an immediate notification on your phone once an order is completed or additional information is needed.

  1. Do you deliver plagiarism report with a paper itself?

This service goes as optional. If you need a report on plagiarism check, please state it in your order form. First, you need to approve your paper. Then you will receive a report from WebCheck. We charge from $9.99 per double-spaced page.

  1. I need an Abstract page in my paper.

If your paper requires Abstract page, you can easily ask for it. Remember that writing an Abstract page is a slightly different process then paper writing. This service goes for $14.99.

  1. Is it possible to receive sources that were used to write my paper?

If you need materials and resources that were used in your paper, you can add this extra service to your order. The materials will be available in .doc/.docx/.pdf formats or as print screens/images of the pages. The materials can be downloaded from your personal profile.

  1. Can I add the table of content/outline to my paper?

Yes, you can. State it in your order request.

  1. I want someone to proofread a paper.

If you think that a paper requires proofreading after a writer’s revision, you can ask one of our experienced editors for help. The service can take your paper to another level by improving grammar, punctuation, formatting, etc. Click “Editor’s check” for this extra service.

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