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[UPDATED] Best Essay Writing Services 2021 on Reddit

[UPDATED] Best Essay Writing Services 2021 on Reddit

Reddit is a very popular source. Thousands of people use it to get new information, to promote their products, and to increase sales. Thus, there’s no surprise that Reddit became popular in the industry of custom writing. There are many subreddits dedicated to different writing services, where people discuss services and leave their feedback. There are three most popular subreddits, such as /r/EssayLiberationFront, /r/ThePaperBay, and /r/Essay_Writing_Service, where Reddit users can find new services, compare them and decide which company fits their needs best.

Many students discovered PaperDueNow when browsing these subreddits, and our company appreciates users who participate in such communities, as they allow us to maintain transparency and hear everyone.

The Paper Bay

The Paper Bay is a place where people can sell and buy academic services. It’s one of the oldest marketplaces on Reddit that has gained a great popularity and high ratings. There are thousands of students who found exactly what they wanted here, including essays, reviews, and other types of writing assignments. Users are able to check reviews and make sure a certain writing service provides a necessary quality of writing. There are many verified sellers that you can choose without being afraid of buying a pig in a poke.

Essay Liberation Front

The Essay Liberation Front claims that its mission is to help students focusing on really important aspects of education without being sucked into a stressful routine of countless writing assignments. This place is in a sense similar to the Paper Bay, as it also allows buyers to find sellers and leave their feedback. Using a simple and convenient discussion board along with a system of questions and answers, this source helps students find online writing help as fast as possible.


This subreddit is the biggest Reddit community dedicated to custom paper writing to date. Here you can find many services that will help you with writing tasks of any kind, from essays to reviews to reports and to course works. If you need a paper written in a particular style, such as APA, Turabian, or MLA, here you can find many professional writers who earned the customers’ trust.

Writing Service Reviews

There are many writing services available, so how to choose the best one? Fortunately, we compiled countless reviews and selected the most useful ones so that you can understand who to trust, and why PaperDueNow have such a good reputation.

Analyzing reviews left by satisfied customers, it becomes clear that students order papers of any kind here, and they like the result. We found reviews written by students who ordered essays, homework, dissertations, research papers, and many other types of assignments.

“Hi everyone! I found PaperDueNow when searching for a writing service on Reddit, two years ago. Since then, I order all my papers there. Thanks to this service, I can focus on important classes instead of writing long papers, trying to follow all unrealistic requirements.


  • All papers are ready on time.
  • Everything is perfectly written.
  • Writers are native speakers.
  • They respond really fast so I don’t waste my time waiting for an email.


  • Over the last year, their prices went up a little. However, I keep ordering papers here because it’s better to pay for a great paper than to buy a mediocre paper looking for discounts.
  • Once I needed to get my paper done in three days, and it was delivered in a few hours late. They apologized and gave me a 50% discount on the next order. It happened only once, so I don’t think it’s a problem.

I’m really happy I found this company, and I definitely recommend them. The quality of papers is great, I never needed to fix anything. They are the main reason why I always get A+ for writing assignments.

If anyone is not sure whether PaperDueNow can help them — just try it, and you’ll see that life gets easier when you get a professional help.”

/r/IAmA and /r/ControversialIAmA Interviews

We always want to stay in touch with our customers and to let them know everything they need about our services. Thus, we decided to give several interviews on the writing business and tell about what is important to know about this industry. There are many our customers on Reddit and we are happy that their response to our information is positive.

If you want to learn more about the legal side of online writing services, or if you have some ethical concerns, we suggest checking these two threads and looking for answers on the most popular forum in the world. Our Ask Me Anything thread was live on Reddit in October 2015 (/u/Disclose_Information).

Essay Writing Service

There are many students who have concerns about whether writing companies are legal. Others listen to what professors say and become too concerned about such things as an “academic dishonesty.” The truth is, you don’t need to worry about the ethical side of the issue. You can contact our support team anytime you need and get all the necessary answers. We are the most ethical writing service on Reddit, and we can prove it.

We’ve started our business many years ago and we got a great experience in helping students. We decided to go to Reddit so that more students could get our professional help when they need it, and the result turned out to be awesome. We have hundreds of customers who found us on Reddit, and they all leave positive feedbacks, so we know that we’re doing the right thing.

Are You Ready?

If you are worried about plagiarism and if the originality of papers is really important for you, then PaperDueNow is a great choice. Our works meet the necessary citation standards. We always check papers for originality, using the best plagiarism software.

Honestly, not all writers are capable of delivering content that will meet the highest academic standards. We know it, and that’s why we hire only the best writing experts who have the necessary experience and who demonstrate perfect writing skills. We make sure all papers are properly cited and written according to a proper format, using a proper style. You don’t need to worry about writing assignments anymore because we’ve got your back!

Writing services are extremely popular. The reason is obvious: all students sometimes need help. Customers of writing services are not only careless students who skip homework and spend all their time having fun. Even the most talented and smart students sometimes have problems with time management. They have to develop writing skills and practice to be able to write a good essay. At the same time, they have to work in conditions of strict deadlines. Given that students are often forced to work on several different subjects simultaneously, this task may turn out to be too challenging. Professional writers don’t have such problems. They get paid for each essay, and they are able to focus on their work, producing a content of the highest quality.

The most difficult thing about essay writing is that students often get many assignments on various subjects. They must be written according to different formats, so students have to switch between tasks and keep in mind a lot of information. No matter is it a beginner or an experienced writer, several different assignments may lead to quite predictable consequences:

  • Some students consider such tasks as just a source of stress and so avoid them.
  • Others build an evaluation system, sorting assignments by difficulty, size, and importance. Such an approach, combined with a good research, qualitative samples, guidelines, and articles, allows students to work on less time-consuming essays, while the most difficult ones are ordered on the internet. Obviously, graduated experts can show better results, and they can write faster, being used to such a kind of work.
  • There are also students who are excited about writing. They try to do all the work on their own, but then they get too tired or bored to complete all assignments on time.

Fortunately, professional writing services are available anytime you need them. No matter how difficult your task is or how many assignments you have, there are many experienced writers who can help you at any stage of the writing process, regardless of the deadline.

Reasons to Choose Only Professional Writers

Now you can see that quick results become possible only due to a practice. Those who have many years of experience in writing are perfectly familiar with all specific requirements. They know how to create a proper structure and how to make the text material unique and impressive. The key difference between amateurs and professional writers is that the latter ones don’t need to sacrifice the quality of work in order to do it faster.

Many online writing services are based on outsourcing because such an approach allows them to reduce additional costs and increase profits. This method also allows them to establish lower prices, but cheap writers from other countries are usually inexperienced, and their work can unlikely be classified as the “service of the highest quality”. Thus, we suggest you not relying on services that offer surprisingly cheap prices. Their results may surprise you in a bad way, and you won’t be able to get your wasted time back. Our writers are native speakers. We hire graduates from the USA, the UK, and Canada because we want our works to impress English-speaking professors. All our writers complete difficult multi-level tests and special training before they can take any orders.

Don’t Worry About Deadlines Anymore

We don’t mean that if you know where to find professional writers, you shouldn’t try writing on your own. We’re just offering you a solution in case you run out of time. If you try to write your assignment but then realize that you need help, it is an important experience because now you know that this task isn’t as simple as it seems. now you can estimate time and effort accurately, planning your actions in advance. Furthermore, if you order writing help as soon as you get a difficult essay assigned, you will easily avoid all stressful situations associated with your deadline.

Sometimes the lack of time may be not obvious. For example, your deadline may come in a couple weeks, but you won’t be able to spend all this time on writing. Many students have to work for a living. Most of them just cannot afford to spend a few hours a day on writing, because this will make them lose money. In addition, money isn’t the only equivalent of time. Complicated assignments may take your opportunity to visit relatives or enjoy other activities. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your time — just order online writing help and live with no limits!

We know that many companies like to make such big claims, calling themselves the best. However, our company is different from many other writing services because we are really good at what we’re doing. You can check our testimonials to see what our customers say about our website.

Our main goal is to provide students with high-quality papers at a reasonable price. We want every student to get the best academic assistance, so we make sure our services are the best. Learn more about the advantages of our company.

Only The Best Professional Writers for Your College Papers

There is a reason why so many people love our website. We have the best writers who have the necessary qualification to provide students with outstanding papers. All our writers have to go through a complex testing program so that we can see that they are indeed experts in their area.

We help customers from all over the world, however, we are an American company that provides writing services for students, so our writers are native speakers who are familiar with the American educational system. They know what papers your professors want to see. They always use the right citation formats and do in-depth research on the topic. No matter if you need a doctoral dissertation or a graduate paper, our experts can help you.

Affordable College Paper Writing Service

Our pricing policy is intended to allow everyone to get affordable college papers. The price of your order is determined by the deadline, the length of your paper, and your academic level.

Obviously, a Masters degree paper with a five-day deadline costs more than an undergraduate paper with a two-week deadline.

We Always Meet Deadlines is a company that understands the importance of deadlines for students. If students miss their deadlines, they will fail assignments. Most often, students have to work on their assignments in a hurry, but there’s also another, less stressful solution. You can just hire a professional writer and get your high-quality paper on time.

As we’ve already said above, the deadline of your order also affects its price. The longer the deadline, the lower the price. However, everyone knows what it is when you have an urgent assignment. If you don’t have much time and look for quick help, don’t hesitate to contact us now. Our writers deal even with papers that should be delivered in six hours so you can count on them in any situation.

Only Custom College Papers

There are many reasons why people choose our company. The competition in our business is strong so we make sure our clients will be satisfied with our services. We provide professional writing services for college students and our papers meet all the necessary requirements. You can be sure that your paper will be 100% original.

Our writers know the difference between mediocre and high-quality papers. They do their best to provide the best help possible. They know that every customer deserves an original paper. Our company never uses any pre-written text materials. Every paper is tailored to the specifics of the assignment and individual requirements of the client. Thus, you don’t need to worry about plagiarism checkers — our papers will pass them because they are unique.

24/7 Support Team

We want to make sure students can get professional help at any time, every day of the week. You can always call us or use a live chat on our website.

Our support team has dedicated well-trained staff so you can get answers to any questions. Our support team knows that our writers deal with complex tasks, so they will be glad to hear any specific requirements before the writer starts working.

We are different from many other companies because we allow our customers to contact their writers directly. The reason is that the quality of our assistance is the main priority for us. We believe that it will be easier for writers to create a perfect paper for you if you are able to contact him or her directly and make any amendments. Our writers may also contact you in order to clarify any important details about your assignment.

If you’re still not sure whether or not you need to prepare your college papers, you certainly need to check our reviews. You can find real feedback from many of our customers, on our website. helps many students complete difficult assignments and create a healthy study-life balance.

Essay Writing Services and Other Inhabitants of the Dark Side of Higher Education

College life isn’t easy. Professors’ expectations are often incomparable with the abilities of their students. Many students enjoy the fun side of their college years, others are too busy, and essay writing becomes a challenging task. Of course, students who suffer from hangovers every day are a cliché, but the image of college life from comedy movies isn’t far from the reality. Anyway, students have to find a way out of numerous complicated situations. How do they overcome their problems? Simply put, they cheat.

The typical situation looks like this: a student has to write a research paper, prepare for a few exams, and go out on a date. The obvious solution is to change a schedule of dates, write a paper as fast as possible and prepare for exams. Smart students choose this way sometimes, but when you’re young, you want it all and you want it now. In this case, one has another simple solution: to go out for a date, to ask somebody to write a paper and to cheat on exams.

Many students note that they don’t feel guilty about cheating because education is more about grades than knowledge. Some students spend days and nights trying to get good marks, while others choose another way. Indeed, such a position apparently makes sense.

In 2015, over 60 students of Dartmouth College were caught on cheating and faced disciplinary consequences. A fun fact about this story is that they were studying ethics. In 2014, there were more than 600 cheating accidents at the University of Georgia. The vast majority of students caught on cheating admitted that they had used unethical methods.

We interviewed a manager of a popular writing service to hear his opinion on the statistics. He stated that there’s nothing unusual in such figures. During the previous year, their company grew by 15%. They get more clients and they are sure that their business will keep growing unless the government reforms the educational system.

Thus, the problem is the educational system? It seems to be true given that modern students write more papers than previous generations. Another problem lies in the economic structure of the country. The strong competition in various markets determines new standards. People with good education are more valuable and they will likely get a good job if they hold a degree. Not everyone was born a brilliant essay writer, so many students will rather buy a paper written by a professional to get the highest grade.

Is It Legal?

There’s nothing illegal in delegating difficult tasks to others. This world is based on outsourcing: we ask somebody to rule our finance, we buy food cooked by other people, and we hire ghostwriters when we need a paper. Ghostwriting isn’t illegal even if you use it to pass exams. Universities try to prevent cheating, but students are able to use any legal services to get desired results.

The world of business is based on two things: demand and supply. The more students need essays, research papers, coursework, and other assignments, the more people want to help them. Everyone who is confident in his or her writing skills can start working as a professional essay writer, and nothing is going to stop it.

Who’s on the Dark Side?

In fact, cheating is absolutely legal but not ethical at all. Those who choose the path to the dark side of education have many tools that help them fool the system.

  • Essay writing services are online companies that work on papers of any kind. Most of such services never sell plagiarized works, so their customers don’t have to worry about professors checking their papers for plagiarism. According to statistics, more than 60% of customers who bought a paper online return and order more papers in the future. Most often, students choose writing services when they don’t have enough time to complete an assignment, but many people use them just because they don’t want to write boring papers.

Writing services understand that students want to get high grades no matter how they will do it. They give their customers what they want and provide them with good grades for a reasonable price.

  • Plagiarism is the simplest solution for homework and other projects. Students can find the necessary information by simply googling it. They paraphrase sources from the internet and use plagiarism checkers to make sure that their works look original.
  • Secure messengers like Telegram help students share answers during exams.
  • Online exam services. This kind of websites may be odd, but it exists. Many students use them even for exams like GRE.
  • Course outsourcing services. Good news! You can ask somebody to take the whole course for you. They guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with results. These companies provide their customers with experts who can take on midterms and finals.

How to change this situation? Universities and colleges may try to stop students from cheating but they are certainly failing to do it. Maybe the modern educational system really needs to be changed so we could stop blaming students for unethical decisions.

The Truth About Essay Writing Services

The first question is why students need to use such services? We’ve talked to a former essay writer who has a big experience in one of the best essay writing services on the internet.

He noted that this industry steadily grows during the last few years. He expected that their clients will be students with low grades, but he was surprised by the diversity of customers. Of course, some students are just lazy and don’t want to do their work by themselves, or they just have a lack of knowledge. At the same time, many successful and smart students order essay writing just because they don’t have enough time.

Most writers who start working in this industry follow some stereotypes. They think that students of prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Harvard, or Cambridge, work harder and better than students of less prestigious universities. The truth is, they work hard indeed, but that’s why they cannot fail and break such expectations. Sometimes tasks and specific requirements are so complicated that students cannot understand the general question of their work. As for ESL students, academic writing may be an almost impossible task for them, so they have to struggle even more. Along with that, each writing work is checked on plagiarism, and all students have strict deadlines, which sometimes makes writing services the only solution.

Who Buys Essays Online?

According to statistics, Texas, New York, and California are regions with the biggest percentage of orders. Many universities, such as Columbia, UCLA, University of Houston, NYU, or Berkeley, have a strong system of competition. That’s why students choose creative methods that help them deal with a growing number of challenges. Given that academic writing is very important part of the educational process now, it determines the growing popularity of online writing services.

Most often, students order MA thesis, essays, and research papers. Students have to write a lot of research papers and essays, so there’s no surprise that such services are so popular. Most writers have to deal with writings on English language, Management courses, and Business.

People who work in this industry claim that a big number of clients indicates hidden problems in the educational system. All professors of colleges and universities agree that a purchased work is no different from plagiarism, but is it true? Such an issue seems to be more complicated because papers completed by professional authors are unique and well-written. It’s not a plagiarism, since each paper is written for a particular customer, taking into account all specifics of the topic. These papers have proper references, and they are a result of good research work. When students buy such a paper, they have a right to do whatever they want with it. They can use it in their work, sell it, or submit it as their own paper. Of course, professors may be suspicious, but such suspicions cannot be proved. We are talking about an industry related to a bigger industry, which is the educational system. Universities accept applicants from different countries, and many of them don’t have a perfect level of English language, which is a big problem in case they have to write academic content. At the same time, universities don’t provide a necessary support for such students, so they cannot adapt to such a system.

Foreign students can appreciate benefits of writing services more than anyone else. Nevertheless, many students have their part-time jobs, or they have to take care of their families, so they just don’t have enough time to write bunches of sophisticated academic researches. Such a growth in the popularity of essay writing services indicates big problems within the education system, which involves students in a circle of stressful challenges and struggle.

What About Moral?

Cheating is cheating, no matter how many problems students have. We already found causes of academic cheating, but even though students have to deal with many challenges and don’t have enough support, these facts don’t make cheating right. Moreover, such a problem causes a growth in the number of unqualified workforces, which is dangerous in all senses.

Writing is a skill required in many areas, including business. When students become the workforce, either as an owner or employee, they face the need for developed communicational skills. The educational system knows it and prepares students for their future life. Assignments are a good way to teach students necessary skills, but cheating just takes such an opportunity from them.

Another question is why students would rather be caught cheating then try to get help from professors? Are they so hard to reach? There are many study groups around the country and in the world. There are many special programs for students which may help somebody to clarify the most difficult issues and write without help. The only thing required is a real effort and the will of the student to improve his or her skills.

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