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5 Common Reasons for Plagiarism Among Students

Plagiarism is one of the most common problems in the academic world. Professors pay particular attention to teaching their students critical thinking, but they download texts from the internet, rewrite somebody else’s papers, and present them as their own, looking for higher grades. Although such a practice has serious consequences and professors don’t ignore plagiarism, […]

Boost Your Memory: 8 Tips for Students

Many students want to show better results so they study more. However, the effective learning process requires a student to remember large amounts of information, and it shouldn’t take too much time. We decided to help you with your studies. Learn how to increase your memory with our simple tips. 1. Take a Walk Before […]

Annotated Bibliography Writing

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography: Tips from Experts When your research project is done, you have to write a page of references or annotated bibliography, depending on your professor’s preferences. We decided to help you with it. First, let’s define what an annotated bibliography is. Annotated Bibliography: What Is It? An annotated bibliography is […]

Order Application Letter from Experts

Buy Application Letter to Be on the Safe Side There are numerous websites and companies that allow you to order application letter, but there is only one option worthy of your attention – If you choose our website, you are going to solve all your problems with application letter writing, use all our advantages […]

Cover Letter Writing Service

With our cover letter help you are going to achieve all your aims easily and efficiently, as our experts are ready to handle all your problems at the moment you need. The level of assistance we offer is unrivaled and with us you are sure to solve all your troubles and reach success. Our company […]

Professional Writing Service for You

When you get to college, it’s important to understand that from now on, you’re on your own. You’ll need to make important decisions and you’ll have a lot of work. Numerous essays, research papers, and other assignments are just a few things that you need to prepare for. It’s hard to cope with such a […]

The Truth About Plagiarism Checkers

Here you may find a little investigation about plagiarism detection systems prepared by the PaperDueNow researchers. We decided to answer some important questions about plagiarism detectors: Is plagiarism software safe? Does it protect your data? What happens with the submitted content? Are these services actually free, do they have any hidden fees? Are plagiarism checkers […]

OSCOLA Citation Guide

Also known as Oxford referencing, OSCOLA is a citation style that is common in the UK. This style is used in academic works on law when citing statutes and cases, as well as journals and books. OSCOLA style requires two types of citations: Footnotes They indicate the source of the preceding idea. A citation is […]

Essay Writing Services on Quora

Essay writing is one of the most difficult tasks for many students. We know it because knowing students’ problems and needs is a part of our job. Modern students are often too busy to find enough time for writing essays. They need to take care of their families, they have their jobs, and they also […]

How to Write a Good Essay When You Have Only 40 Minutes

There are a few tips that will significantly increase your chances to write a successful essay. Know the necessary format. You need to understand the format of your essay and plan its structure. Having a clear idea of what the structure of your paper should look like, you won’t waste your time trying to figure […]

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