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Write My Speech

Is preparing a speech difficult for you? Do you feel stressed out every time you just think of writing and delivering a speech? If you have no idea of what your speech should be about, you came to the right place. Our professionals know how to write emotional speeches that will make your audience excited. […]

2019: Write My Report Before the Deadline

Do you know why teachers love book reports so much? These assignments allow them to evaluate how well you understand a book. It is also an opportunity for you to explain what you think about it. However, many students consider this task rather difficult. Indeed, this task may cause some troubles, so there is no […]

Write an Outstanding Case Study for Me 2019

A proper case study should analyze a certain problem and suggest possible solutions. You have to research the case, investigate it, consider various available solutions, and determine what solution is the most effective. Do you have enough time to read and examine your case? If you don’t, we have good news: you can get help […]

Best Writing Service for Your College Papers 2019 The Best Writing Service We know that many companies like to make such big claims, calling themselves the best. However, our company is different from many other writing services because we are really good at what we’re doing. You can check our testimonials to see what our customers say about our website. Our main […]

Reading (Written Comprehension) for ESL Students

Reading is very important for everyone who learns a new language. Reading is also called written comprehension, and this skill is necessary for those who want to improve their language. Although some people think that they don’t need reading if they are good at speaking, reading is crucial for language development. Reading gives students a […]

Chicago Citation Style: Quick Guide

Chicago style includes two types of citations: the first one is the author-date type, and the second one is bibliography and notes. Students should understand what system is better in each particular situation, so we decided to help you make the right choice. Author-Date or Notes and Bibliography? Notes and bibliography are a system used […]

Quantitative Business Analysis and Research

What is Likert scale? Why are they popular in business and other social sciences? Likert scale refers to a psychometric response scale that is used in survey instruments to obtain research subject’s degree of agreement with every statement in the questionnaire or survey instrument. According to Bertram (n.d.), Likert scales measure a single trait. That […]

Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research in Nursing

Nurses need not rely totally on doctors regarding health care, more so in the separate field of nursing. The two fields may share a common base of fundamental knowledge in medicine and health care but the skills set are entirely different and would involve a different set of literature as well. The competent nurse must […]

Marketing Management Discussion

Your post was insightful and informative. You have provided a clear distinction between goods and services. I agree with you that goods are tangible things that can be felt through the five senses, while services are intangible and perishable. However, I would like to add that there is also a grey area between goods and […]

Dissertation Chapter: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Respond to: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool In the highly competitive business environment of the 21st century, which may be characterized by the informational overload, there is a need to aligning the marketing strategy and thus, the set of its underlying campaigns, with the latest advancements in the digital technologies and marketing – in […]

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