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Proven Resources for Dissertators

If you need any help with your dissertation, is always ready to help you, and the least we can do is provide you with a list of good books. These resources will help you improve your writing technique and create a successful dissertation. Howard S. Becker, Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and […]

Sample Lab Report

Many students have hard times writing their lab reports, so experts from Paper-Due-Now decided to make this sample assignment that will help you quickly understand what the next step is. First, your paper should include an abstract. The abstract should be followed by an introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, and citations. The success of […]

Tips on Formatting Science Reports

In this article, experts from PaperDueNow consider an organizational structure which is quite common in various scientific disciplines – the IMRAD format, which stands for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. Such headings are standard for different fields. However, the details of this structure may change. Therefore, we recommend that you ask your instructor to provide […]

Quick Guide on the Best Study Habits

No matter what others tell you, there is no universal recipe that would make everyone a perfect student. You need to work hard and to be persistent if you want to get higher grades. However, there are thousands of articles suggesting what study habits you should have, so you may feel like there is a […]

Technical Writing

Technical Writing: What It Is and Why It’s so Popular Technical writing professions are expected to grow in demand by 11% in the next seven years. Why are these professions so popular? The first reason is that there are not so many people who have the necessary technical background and are good at writing, at […]

Common Writing Strategies

Common Writing Strategies and How to Use Them Artificial intelligence is already capable of producing comprehensive articles, so robots writing fiction stories are just a matter of time. While some writers worry about machines replacing them in the nearest future, others see it as a source of motivation. If you want to withstand such a […]

14 Types of Essay Hooks and How to Write Them

If you want your essay to have a unique and intriguing hook, it’s not a difficult thing to do. There is always somebody who appreciates you for who you are, regardless of your reputation, and there will always be somebody who doesn’t like your essay, even if you think that it’s absolutely perfect. Some readers […]

Management Essay Sample

I agree with you that deciding to acquire another business in the business world while your company was facing the problem of laying off some of its workers was a rush decision. A firm only decides to expand its operations when there are evident growth and development and increased demand of its services within the […]

Discussion Essay Sample

The Solazyme’s Cross-Border alliances with Unilever, Sephora, Qantas, and Roquette Solazyme is a company headquartered in California that sought to expand its operations into the international market through alliances. As the fastest growing manufacturing company in 2011 as listed by Inc. Magazine, Solazyme managed to create value by spread risks and resources through the alliances. […]

Lab Report Writing Help

Lab Report Writing Help for Everyone Labs look great in movies, with scientists wearing white coats and searching for an antidote to the zombie virus. However, students who spend a lot of time in real labs know that reality is not so exciting. Most often, the experiments are quite boring, and students have to describe […]

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