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Writing an Outstanding College Essay

Most colleges require you to write an essay as a part of your application. You may not like such a kind of work, but you have to cope with it, so prepare to spend your time and effort. This task also has its positive side: a good essay may shorten the decision time significantly. Generally, […]

Worst Topics for College Admission Essays

An interesting fact: some worst topics are at the same time most common topics. We decided to provide you with a list of topics to avoid, because we know that choosing a topic is a difficult task. There are many reasons why students keep choosing boring and typical topics for their essays. Somebody may think […]

10 Topics for College Admission Essays to Avoid

For many students, writing an essay is the most complicated part of their admission process. Most often, the first problem is choosing a topic for the essay. For example, applicants try to write about their pets or sports achievements, which is the best way to send your essay right into a trash can. We’ve talked […]

How to Write an Analytical Essay

Most students agree that analytical essays are challenging. The thing is that you have to do a lot of work. First of all, you have to read the whole book, noting specific details that can be used in your essay. Then you have to analyze it, paying your attention to author’s intention, and making sure […]

Best Topics for Your Compare & Contrast Essay

Sometimes you get a great opportunity to choose a topic for your compare and contrast essay. This opportunity is so exciting! Well, during first couple minutes it seems to be so. But then you start searching, and it turns out to be not easy at all, so you just sit staring at the blank Word […]

The Truth About Essay Writing Services

The first question is why students need to use such services? We’ve talked to a former essay writer who has a big experience in one of the best essay writing services on the internet. He noted that this industry steadily grows during the last few years. He expected that their clients will be students with […]

Models of Accounting Analysis

Historic Cost According to Wikipedia, the historic cost is the first characteristic of a financial item that is related to money. It’s based on the suggestion of the stable measuring unit. If the value of liabilities and assets hasn’t changed from the acquisition date, they can be demonstrated at their historical cost. This is a […]

History Essay Sample on Identity in Post-Colonial Australia

After hundreds of years of oppression and forced assimilation, Australian Aboriginal people have got the right to express their identity and culture in art, only in the second half of the 20th century. Aboriginal Art became recognized worldwide only in the 1990s. According to Oxford Art Online, Australian art market faced significant changes due to […]

Analysis of Employee Performance

Project Outline This research was carried out to study the employee performance in organizations. It considers such issues as Customer Satisfaction Scores, Age and Experience of Employees, Accuracy Scores, and Employee Productivity. The impact of experience and age of employees is identified with the use of various statistical methods. This impact is studied regarding such […]

Essay Paper on Obesity in the UK: Analysis

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide statistical and analytical data on obesity in England, considering lifestyles and patterns of physical activity among people of England. Another goal is to illustrate how a lifestyle and physical activities change every year. Along with this, this paper provides statistical data on obesity. Charts and tables […]

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