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Ethos, Logos, and Pathos: Examples

Ethos, logos, and pathos are rhetorical devices which were also called “models for persuasion” by Aristotle. These are methods that allow you to persuade others and to make them accept your point of view. Quite often, they are used in advertising and speech writing. What Do These Terms Mean? Aristotle used these terms when talking […]

MLA Style and Formatting Guide

We hope that the following guide will help you format your papers according to the 8th edition of MLA style, including proper in-text and works cited references. MLA style can be used in different types of papers. Given that texts are more mobile than ever, you can often find the same documents in different places. […]

Where to Buy a Chicago Style Paper?

Chicago is a common citation style that relies on notes and bibliography. This style is often used in art, literature, and social sciences. Let’s consider all the key elements of the Chicago style in detail. Bibliography and Notes This style is popular in humanities. Its guide describes the use of footnote citations and a bibliography […]

Common Rhetorical Devices

A rhetorical device is a word or phrase used to persuade the audience or to convey meaning. Quite often, rhetorical devices are used to evoke certain emotions. Good writers use various rhetorical devices to achieve different effects. There are also rhetorical devices that fall in the category of figurative language because they use certain phrases […]

APA General Format

When formatting your essay according to the APA guidelines, use standard-sized paper (8.5″✕11″) with double spaces and 1″ margins on every side. Make sure to use a simple font that’s easy to read. For instance, APA recommends 12 pt Times New Roman. Your paper should include a running head, also known as a page header, […]

Case Study Example

Q1. While being an HR director, I would communicate effectively with the employee. I will ask the CEO to reduce the working hours or give them off on the weekend instead. Not only this, but I will also discuss their matters and will try to resolve all threats that are being faced by employees from […]

How to Incorporate Interview Data

This article was prepared by the experts from to help you use interview data properly, incorporating it into your writing. There are many nuances you should pay your attention to, so let’s consider working with interview data in more detail. Introduction When working with interview data, you can use quotations and access different sources […]

Grants and Grant Writing: Additional Resources

We at make sure that you have all the necessary resources for your grant writing. These resources will help you write a good grant proposal with no extra effort. Grant Resources Collection Students can visit the Memorial Library to get a lot of information that will be useful at every stage of the grant […]

Helpful Resources for Proposal Writers

If you want to improve your writing technique and to create an outstanding proposal, this list of books from will certainly help you with general information and actionable advice. Howard S. Becker, Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis Becker’s book will be appreciated by students from various disciplines. There […]

Grant Proposal: Tips on Planning and Writing

If you’re going to write a grant proposal, it means that you’re dealing with valuable research or feel passionate about developing a community resource. Perhaps, you have a clear understanding of how something can be improved so you’re looking for funding to make your vision come true. While developing your grant proposal, you shouldn’t be […]

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