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Marketing Management Discussion

Your post was insightful and informative. You have provided a clear distinction between goods and services. I agree with you that goods are tangible things that can be felt through the five senses, while services are intangible and perishable. However, I would like to add that there is also a grey area between goods and […]

Dissertation Chapter: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Respond to: Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool In the highly competitive business environment of the 21st century, which may be characterized by the informational overload, there is a need to aligning the marketing strategy and thus, the set of its underlying campaigns, with the latest advancements in the digital technologies and marketing – in […]

Dissertation Chapter: Active Listening in Marketing

As it has been indicated in the scope of the article, one of the major success factors for the effective marketing strategy is the ability of the marketers in terms of gaining important information from the sources of mass media, its analysis, and evaluation. For this purpose, the techniques of the active listening should be […]

Custom Dissertation and Thesis Writing

Writing a thesis or a dissertation may turn out to be an overwhelming task. It’s not surprising, given that such works imply summarizing a few years of education. Writing such papers requires you to be deeply involved in it. A dissertation is probably the most difficult and detailed paper you’d ever written, and it’s hard […]

How to Buy Dissertation: Guide for Students

Many students want to buy dissertation, preparing for diploma or university degree. However, a good writing service may be difficult to find, so we made a guide for you. Buy Dissertation Online with Our Help! According to statistics, less than a half of students who try to get a doctoral degree, actually get it. Most […]

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