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Writing Tips

How to Use Different Writing Strategies

Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence is already capable of producing comprehensive textual content. Who knows, maybe AI will be able to write fiction novels soon. Thus, writers certainly should work on their skills, learning new techniques and creating engaging content. Unfortunately, there is no step-by-step guide that would guarantee that your content will be […]

Reading (Written Comprehension) for ESL Students

Reading is very important for everyone who learns a new language. Reading is also called written comprehension, and this skill is necessary for those who want to improve their language. Although some people think that they don’t need reading if they are good at speaking, reading is crucial for language development. Reading gives students a […]

Develop Your Essay Ideas

Before you start writing an essay, it makes sense to prepare an outline or even a diagram that would reflect your ideas in an organized way. Of course, the overall structure of your paper may change while you’re writing so don’t try to make your outline too detailed. Just draw up the general points of […]

Essay’s Introduction and Conclusion

An introduction and a conclusion are two very important sections of any essay, as they explain the importance of the topic and help understand the purpose of the paper, as well as lessons learned. Introduction The introduction is aimed to attract attention and to explain what the essay will be about. Grab attention using a […]

Boost Your Memory: 8 Tips for Students

Many students want to show better results so they study more. However, the effective learning process requires a student to remember large amounts of information, and it shouldn’t take too much time. We decided to help you with your studies. Learn how to increase your memory with our simple tips. 1. Take a Walk Before […]

Learn to Write Perfect Formal Essays

If you’re a student, you may know different types of essays and what do if you need to write any one of them. The simplest way to categorize essays is to divide them into formal and informal ones. Indeed, the same approach works with academic writing. Some assignments leave you with a lot of freedom, […]

Clear Writing: Get Highest Marks for Your Essays

Perhaps you’ve already noticed it — clear writing is a specific skill. Punctuation is used wrong everywhere: in stores near you, in advertisements, etc. Sometimes punctuation marks are used so incorrectly that it’s hard to understand the real meaning of sentences. In a perfect world, academic writing would differ from notes on a door of […]

College Admission

College Admission You Deserve: How to Write an Outstanding College Essay It’s not easy at all to become a high school senior. If you’re a senior, it means that you spent twelve years studying, and now you just start planning what your further life will look like. Perhaps, you’ve taken your AP exams or even […]

Essay Writing Help 2019

Tired of difficult writing assignments? Cannot find necessary information? Maybe your essay is due in a day? You don’t have to worry about such problems anymore because now you know the best solution. Our company helps thousands of students from all around the world. Our team of professional writers is available 24/7, providing our customers […]

Essay Definition

Generally, an essay is a type of paper that expresses writer’s opinion and arguments on a certain topic. This kind of writing is somewhat similar to a pamphlet, a short story, or an article. The role of the personal opinion determines the type of the essay. For example, if an essay is focused mostly on […]

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