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Citation styles

IEEE Style Overview

IEEE documentation style is used in many technical publications, including journals, conferences, and books. This style is especially common in computer science and electrical engineering. There are two types of IEEE documents: those that use traditional publishing rules and those that use electronic-only publishing rules. The main difference between the two styles is the way […]

Chicago Citation Style: Quick Guide

Chicago style includes two types of citations: the first one is the author-date type, and the second one is bibliography and notes. Students should understand what system is better in each particular situation, so we decided to help you make the right choice. Author-Date or Notes and Bibliography? Notes and bibliography are a system used […]

OSCOLA Citation Guide

Also known as Oxford referencing, OSCOLA is a citation style that is common in the UK. This style is used in academic works on law when citing statutes and cases, as well as journals and books. OSCOLA style requires two types of citations: Footnotes They indicate the source of the preceding idea. A citation is […]

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