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The Biggest Question: ‘Why Do I Deserve This Scholarship?’

The Biggest Question: ‘Why Do I Deserve This Scholarship?’

Applying for a scholarship is a stressful сhallenge for anybody. You cannot be sure that you will get it, and if you will, it can change your life completely. Everyone wants to increase their chances to get a scholarship, and if it’s your goal, as well, you should prove that you deserve it.

However, a few people know how to advertise themselves properly, so we decided to provide you with some useful tips that will help you explain why the committee members must choose you. “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” is the most difficult question for many people so we hope that this article will help you find the right answers.

Scholarship Essay: Basics

Quite often, scholarship applications require an essay that will explain why you deserve this scholarship. In this essay, you should demonstrate your strengths and personality. Depending on a particular learning institution, you may be given different guidelines. However, the format and the purpose of your essay will be the same.

This essay is an integral part of your application that provides important information about you as an applicant. This is your opportunity to communicate with the scholarship committee, and you should use it to create a good impression. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive financial aid.

We recommend that you follow these rules when writing your scholarship essay:

  • Choose the right language and tone. Express your thoughts clearly and be polite. Keep in mind that the committee will not have a lot of time to read long essays so be brief and stick to your topic.
  • Proofread your essay and make sure it doesn’t have any grammatical and punctuation errors. If you’re not sure whether you can proofread your essay or not, we recommend that you order professional proofreading online.
  • List your strengths and highlight the most important one.
  • Write about your ambitions, plans, and aspirations so that the committee can see how you can contribute to the community.
  • Write a catchy introduction that will grab your readers’ attention.
  • Organize your essay according to the traditional structure: write an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Check out the guidelines of your learning institution and make sure that your essay meets the requirements regarding the word count and formatting.

A college education isn’t cheap so you must understand that the committee members are very picky when it comes to evaluating candidates. They want to know what are your best qualities and achievements.

Scholarship Interview: Basics

Interviews are also very important for your application. Interviews give you another chance to create a good impression and to prove that you are a good candidate. We recommend that you prepare for the interview in advance and research the following things:

  • The mission of your institution;
  • What they are looking for when selecting candidates;
  • The terms of different scholarship programs;
  • The available types of scholarship programs.

Interviews of this type often include general questions, and we recommend that you prepare your answers in advance. For example, you may be asked about:

  • Your main achievements and strengths;
  • Your biggest mistakes you’ve learned from and weaknesses;
  • Your professional and personal goals;
  • Projects, events, and activities you’ve participated in;
  • Reasons why you need this scholarship.

Answer this question before going to the interview and make sure that you have all the necessary documents, especially those that illustrate your financial situation and your achievements.

Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?’

This is the main question you have to answer. No matter whether it’s an interview or essay, your answer must:

  • Demonstrate your abilities, skills, and achievements;
  • Demonstrate your interest in the program;
  • Demonstrate your personality;
  • Provide information that is crucial when selecting candidates;
  • Explain your plans for the future and your motivation;
  • Help the committee to learn more about you.

When writing a scholarship essay, your main goal is to answer this question. An essay allows you to give more detailed answers than during the interview. Make sure to provide the committee with insights into your personality and try to create the right impression. Emphasize your strong skills. If you have problems with writing the essay, you can just order it online.

How exactly should you answer this question when applying for a scholarship? We decided to provide you with the key points that will make your application stronger. Check out these ideas.

  1. Because you can be proud of something
    You certainly can make your application stronger if you have solid evidence, such as high grades. You can also tell about your important extracurricular activities. Make sure to attach the corresponding documentation to your application. Here are some achievements you can use:
    • Certificates, awards, etc.
    • Achievements in sports, music, or art.
    • A letter of support from somebody else.
  2. Because you can overcome difficulties
    You may also mention some difficulties that you’ve managed to overcome. In this case, you’ll demonstrate your strong personality. Remember difficult situations from your past but don’t make your readers feel sorry for you. Instead, focus on how you managed to solve the problem.
  3. Because you’re passionate
    You will also impress the committee if you demonstrate your excitement about your field of study. Committee members will more likely to offer the scholarship to a candidate who wants to become a professional and to get new knowledge.
  4. Because you’re determined and persistent
    You can show that you’re not going to give up on your dream even if you cannot afford a college education. You should demonstrate your persistence because this is the quality that helps people become who they want to be. In addition, you should persuade the committee that you will use this opportunity to its best.


A scholarship application is stressful and challenging yet absolutely possible. You can be one of the students who receive scholarships every year, so believe in yourself and let the committee know that you’re the best.

Prepare for an interview, jot down possible answers, and have enough sleep so that you can stay concentrated.

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