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Essay Writing Services and Other (2019)

Essay Writing Services and Other (2019)

Essay Writing Services and Other Inhabitants of the Dark Side of Higher Education

College life isn’t easy. Professors’ expectations are often incomparable with the abilities of their students. Many students enjoy the fun side of their college years, others are too busy, and essay writing becomes a challenging task. Of course, students who suffer from hangovers every day are a cliché, but the image of college life from comedy movies isn’t far from the reality. Anyway, students have to find a way out of numerous complicated situations. How do they overcome their problems? Simply put, they cheat.

The typical situation looks like this: a student has to write a research paper, prepare for a few exams, and go out on a date. The obvious solution is to change a schedule of dates, write a paper as fast as possible and prepare for exams. Smart students choose this way sometimes, but when you’re young, you want it all and you want it now. In this case, one has another simple solution: to go out for a date, to ask somebody to write a paper and to cheat on exams.

Many students note that they don’t feel guilty about cheating because education is more about grades than knowledge. Some students spend days and nights trying to get good marks, while others choose another way. Indeed, such a position apparently makes sense.

In 2015, over 60 students of Dartmouth College were caught on cheating and faced disciplinary consequences. A fun fact about this story is that they were studying ethics. In 2014, there were more than 600 cheating accidents at the University of Georgia. The vast majority of students caught on cheating admitted that they had used unethical methods.

We interviewed a manager of a popular writing service to hear his opinion on the statistics. He stated that there’s nothing unusual in such figures. During the previous year, their company grew by 15%. They get more clients and they are sure that their business will keep growing unless the government reforms the educational system.

Thus, the problem is the educational system? It seems to be true given that modern students write more papers than previous generations. Another problem lies in the economic structure of the country. The strong competition in various markets determines new standards. People with good education are more valuable and they will likely get a good job if they hold a degree. Not everyone was born a brilliant essay writer, so many students will rather buy a paper written by a professional to get the highest grade.

Is It Legal?

There’s nothing illegal in delegating difficult tasks to others. This world is based on outsourcing: we ask somebody to rule our finance, we buy food cooked by other people, and we hire ghostwriters when we need a paper. Ghostwriting isn’t illegal even if you use it to pass exams. Universities try to prevent cheating, but students are able to use any legal services to get desired results.

The world of business is based on two things: demand and supply. The more students need essays, research papers, coursework, and other assignments, the more people want to help them. Everyone who is confident in his or her writing skills can start working as a professional essay writer, and nothing is going to stop it.

Who’s on the Dark Side?

In fact, cheating is absolutely legal but not ethical at all. Those who choose the path to the dark side of education have many tools that help them fool the system.

  • Essay writing services are online companies that work on papers of any kind. Most of such services never sell plagiarized works, so their customers don’t have to worry about professors checking their papers for plagiarism. According to statistics, more than 60% of customers who bought a paper online return and order more papers in the future. Most often, students choose writing services when they don’t have enough time to complete an assignment, but many people use them just because they don’t want to write boring papers.

Writing services understand that students want to get high grades no matter how they will do it. They give their customers what they want and provide them with good grades for a reasonable price.

  • Plagiarism is the simplest solution for homework and other projects. Students can find the necessary information by simply googling it. They paraphrase sources from the internet and use plagiarism checkers to make sure that their works look original.
  • Secure messengers like Telegram help students share answers during exams.
  • Online exam services. This kind of websites may be odd, but it exists. Many students use them even for exams like GRE.
  • Course outsourcing services. Good news! You can ask somebody to take the whole course for you. They guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with results. These companies provide their customers with experts who can take on midterms and finals.

How to change this situation? Universities and colleges may try to stop students from cheating but they are certainly failing to do it. Maybe the modern educational system really needs to be changed so we could stop blaming students for unethical decisions.

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