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The Truth About Essay Writing Services

The Truth About Essay Writing Services

The first question is why students need to use such services? We’ve talked to a former essay writer who has a big experience in one of the best essay writing services on the internet.

He noted that this industry steadily grows during the last few years. He expected that their clients will be students with low grades, but he was surprised by the diversity of customers. Of course, some students are just lazy and don’t want to do their work by themselves, or they just have a lack of knowledge. At the same time, many successful and smart students order essay writing just because they don’t have enough time.

Most writers who start working in this industry follow some stereotypes. They think that students of prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Harvard, or Cambridge, work harder and better than students of less prestigious universities. The truth is, they work hard indeed, but that’s why they cannot fail and break such expectations. Sometimes tasks and specific requirements are so complicated that students cannot understand the general question of their work. As for ESL students, academic writing may be an almost impossible task for them, so they have to struggle even more. Along with that, each writing work is checked on plagiarism, and all students have strict deadlines, which sometimes makes writing services the only solution.

Who Buys Essays Online?

According to statistics, Texas, New York, and California are regions with the biggest percentage of orders. Many universities, such as Columbia, UCLA, University of Houston, NYU, or Berkeley, have a strong system of competition. That’s why students choose creative methods that help them deal with a growing number of challenges. Given that academic writing is very important part of the educational process now, it determines the growing popularity of online writing services.

Most often, students order MA thesis, essays, and research papers. Students have to write a lot of research papers and essays, so there’s no surprise that such services are so popular. Most writers have to deal with writings on English language, Management courses, and Business.

People who work in this industry claim that a big number of clients indicates hidden problems in the educational system. All professors of colleges and universities agree that a purchased work is no different from plagiarism, but is it true? Such an issue seems to be more complicated because papers completed by professional authors are unique and well-written. It’s not a plagiarism, since each paper is written for a particular customer, taking into account all specifics of the topic. These papers have proper references, and they are a result of good research work. When students buy such a paper, they have a right to do whatever they want with it. They can use it in their work, sell it, or submit it as their own paper. Of course, professors may be suspicious, but such suspicions cannot be proved. We are talking about an industry related to a bigger industry, which is the educational system. Universities accept applicants from different countries, and many of them don’t have a perfect level of English language, which is a big problem in case they have to write academic content. At the same time, universities don’t provide a necessary support for such students, so they cannot adapt to such a system.

Foreign students can appreciate benefits of writing services more than anyone else. Nevertheless, many students have their part-time jobs, or they have to take care of their families, so they just don’t have enough time to write bunches of sophisticated academic researches. Such a growth in the popularity of essay writing services indicates big problems within the education system, which involves students in a circle of stressful challenges and struggle.

What About Moral?

Cheating is cheating, no matter how many problems students have. We already found causes of academic cheating, but even though students have to deal with many challenges and don’t have enough support, these facts don’t make cheating right. Moreover, such a problem causes a growth in the number of unqualified workforces, which is dangerous in all senses.

Writing is a skill required in many areas, including business. When students become the workforce, either as an owner or employee, they face the need for developed communicational skills. The educational system knows it and prepares students for their future life. Assignments are a good way to teach students necessary skills, but cheating just takes such an opportunity from them.

Another question is why students would rather be caught cheating then try to get help from professors? Are they so hard to reach? There are many study groups around the country and in the world. There are many special programs for students which may help somebody to clarify the most difficult issues and write without help. The only thing required is a real effort and the will of the student to improve his or her skills.

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