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Sample Lab Report

Sample Lab Report

Many students have hard times writing their lab reports, so experts from Paper-Due-Now decided to make this sample assignment that will help you quickly understand what the next step is. First, your paper should include an abstract. The abstract should be followed by an introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, and citations. The success of your lab report depends on several factors, such as scientific accuracy, organization, completeness, and the overall quality of your writing. Points are presented for a 100-point report but you can adjust this information to a 150-point report, as well.

Abstract (10 Points)

This section summarizes the general content of the experiment. It also indicates the objectives of the experiment and explains the used techniques. Here you should also summarize the key results and conclusions. The abstract should provide a brief summary. However, make sure to include the necessary data. Don’t make your abstract too detailed but provide some important figures so that your audience can understand your results as a whole.

Introduction (20 Points)

The introduction should explain the purpose of your experiment, while also explaining its context and providing your audience with the necessary background that will help them better understand your experiment and the methods used. Most often, you may need to explain the theory behind the chosen methods. The introduction must be properly referenced. We recommend that you search the library for relevant sources.

Methods and Materials (30 Points)

This section will be completely different from that of scientific papers. Instead of rewriting all your notes and formatting them as a methods and materials section, you can replace this section with your lab notes. Make sure that your lab notes are complete, including all the necessary calculations, raw data, observations, and graphs.

Results (15 Points)

Along with the lab notes, you should include a brief summary of the final data to help your readers interpret the results. It must be a short yet informative paragraph that contains relevant and properly labeled graphs and charts. Don’t forget that tables and graphs should have their legends. Your readers should also be able to understand the content of your tables and graphs regardless of the text.

Discussion (25 Points)

In this section, you need to discuss the obtained results and the experiment as a whole. However, it doesn’t mean that you should repeat your results again. Instead, here you can interpret your results and address their significance. You can compare your results to the data from previous research. If you have had any problems during the experiment, you should also provide your suggestions on how other people can avoid these problems in the future. Is it possible to improve your experiment in any way? Are there any more effective methods that would lead to more accurate data? Is there any other possible interpretation of the results? Even if your results support the hypothesis, there is a chance that these results may lead to multiple conclusions. We also recommend that you don’t try to explain the data that cannot be explained.


Every statement or fact that isn’t considered common knowledge should be properly cited. Make sure to include complete citations that meet the requirements of the necessary citation format.

Sample Lab Report
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