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Best Topics for Your Compare & Contrast Essay -

Best Topics for Your Compare & Contrast Essay

Sometimes you get a great opportunity to choose a topic for your compare and contrast essay. This opportunity is so exciting! Well, during first couple minutes it seems to be so. But then you start searching, and it turns out to be not easy at all, so you just sit staring at the blank Word window, and trying to figure out what you should write about. Don’t worry, we know how it happens, and we have some topics that you will like for sure!

Sometimes you have to compare characters from some book, or compare two books/movies/people, etc. We suggest you paying attention to characteristics that are most noticeable. If it’s a person, you certainly have to write about his or her appearance, social status, age, origin, job, education, and so on.

Your compare and contrast essay must begin with the introduction, where you determine what exactly you are going to compare. For example, if you have to write about two characters from a certain book, you must not only introduce these characters, but also give your readers a basic understanding of the book itself, as well as of its context, and author’s intention. Every compare and contrast essay is based on analysis of behavior in the same situations, under the same circumstances. When your essay is almost done, you have to write your conclusions, which is a summary of key characteristics that describe characters.

We made this list of compare and contrast topics for everyone who is stuck with the choice. There are topics about almost everything: brands, psychology, literature, health, history, etc. If you want to be sure that your topic is unique, we suggest researching same essays on the internet.

Topics on Literature

  1. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” VS “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”
  2. “Gulliver’s Travels” VS “Robinson Crusoe”
  3. Mr. Rochester from “Jane Eyre” VS Mr. Dancy from “Pride and Prejudice”
  4. Tom Sawyer, Peter Pan, and Oliver Twist: similarities and differences
  5. Sonya and Raskolnikov from “Crime and Punishment”
  6. “Fight Club”: differences between the book and the movie
  7. “The Great Gatsby” VS “Martin Eden”
  8. Similar plot lines: “Twilight” & “Fifty Shades of Grey”
  9. Main characters from “Strange Case of Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “Portrait of Dorian Grey”
  10. “Hunger Games” VS “The Lord of Flies”

Topics on History

  1. Concepts of Schiller and Kant
  2. Egyptian and Greek religions
  3. Differences and similarities in geography of Mesopotamia and Egypt
  4. Monarchy in two Scandinavian countries
  5. Judaism VS Christianity
  6. US economics VS Soviet economics (1945-1973)
  7. Codes of Manu and Hammurabi
  8. Ancient Roman VS Ancient Greek deities
  9. Ethics of Protestantism VS ethics of the Old Believers
  10. Renaissance VS Middle Ages

Topics on Brands

  1. Pizza Hut VS Domino’s Pizza
  2. Characters from Star Wars VS characters from Star Trek
  3. Xiaomi VS Apple
  4. Caterpillar VS Timberland
  5. DC Comics VS Marvel
  6. Beats by Dr. Dre VS AirPods
  7. Hulu VS Netflix
  8. Body Shop VS Lush
  9. Harley Davidson VS Suzuki
  10. Zara VS H&M

Topics on Personality

  1. Similarities between Mozart and Hans Zimmer
  2. Paul McCartney and Jony Ive
  3. Historical similarities between Josef Bell and Sherlock Holmes
  4. Mother VS father (topic about your childhood)
  5. Thomas Bolty VS Dr. House
  6. Muammar Gaddafi VS Saddam Hussein
  7. Elon Musk and Tony Stark: differences and similarities
  8. Richard the Lionheart VS Tokugawa Ieyasu: knights and samurai
  9. Similarities between Dart Vader and Oedipus
  10. Differences between Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler

Topics on Psychology and Health

  1. Self-esteem of preschoolers and teenagers
  2. Vaping VS smoking
  3. Children from orphanages and children from families
  4. Down syndrome VS autism
  5. Western VS Eastern diagnostics
  6. Alcoholism among men and women
  7. Theories of B. Skinner VS theories of J. Watson
  8. Family in media VS family in the real life
  9. Homicide VS suicide
  10. I and II types of bipolar disorders

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