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Common Writing Strategies

Common Writing Strategies

Common Writing Strategies and How to Use Them

Artificial intelligence is already capable of producing comprehensive articles, so robots writing fiction stories are just a matter of time. While some writers worry about machines replacing them in the nearest future, others see it as a source of motivation. If you want to withstand such a competition, you need to improve your writing skills and to learn new writing techniques. But is there any step-by-step guide that would help you create engaging content? And what you should focus on? Don’t worry, is here to help you learn everything you need to know.

Most writers have their own process of turning a mediocre draft into a literary piece. There is no universal method that would work for every writer. However, there are some tips that will be certainly appreciated by every writer.

Write an Outline

What you’ve heard about the importance of writing an outline in school is absolutely true. Making an outline is a crucial step in the writing process. The main purpose of the outline is to help you create the right structure, making your text understandable and easier to read.

The Opening Paragraph Matters

The very first sentence must grab your readers’ attention. We recommend that you begin with short sentences, slowly building up your readers’ interest. Don’t introduce your topic too soon. Let your audience anticipate it, however, don’t play with their patience for too long.

An introductory paragraph must present your topic, clearly indicating what you’re going to write about so that your readers can understand whether or not they want to read the whole thing. Most writers say that the first paragraph is a perfect place to demonstrate your creativity, however, don’t make it your main priority.

Use Your Personal Experience

The best way to establish an emotional connection with your audience is to share your personal experience. You can also add some elements of fiction to the real facts from your life, making your story more interesting and vivid. In addition, if you want to be convincing, the best choice is to write about something you’re familiar with. Although all the people have different personal experiences, your story might resonate with many readers.

Don’t Use Long Words

Readers love honesty and sincerity. Don’t try to impress them with complicated expressions and terms. Even though it may seem like long words make you look smarter, the truth is that they quickly kill your authenticity. In addition, your goal as a writer is to make your readers feel like they can’t get enough of your book, while difficult terms will only distract them.

Know Your Audience

Before you start to write your paper, ask yourself, who your readers are. Can you imagine a person who is reading your book? Are they young or old? Are they married or single? You need to choose the appropriate writing tone to be able to express your emotions in the right way. Although some writers claim that they only write to express themselves, there must be somebody to appreciate your work.

Interact with Your Readers

Many bloggers are limiting their audience’s involvement, which is a big problem for online content. Ask for feedback, ask questions and discuss their answers. Not only is such interaction interesting, but also very useful for you, as you can understand what needs to be improved. Thanks to the internet, you can get feedback almost instantly and adjust your content to the needs of your readers.

Let Your Audience Benefit

Your content must be valuable, no matter ist this value practical or purely spiritual. There are many books or articles about your subject, so make sure to convince your readers that they need what you’ve written. The only way to do this is to help them understand why it’s valuable.

Work on Storytelling

Storytelling is important not only in literature but also in marketing. Any marketer will tell you that storytelling is the best way to attract an audience. Your story must be interesting and it should also help your readers draw meaningful conclusions. Mastering this technique takes some time but you’ll certainly appreciate its advantages.

Use Information Effectively

When researching your topic, keep in mind the fact that all the other writers can access the same information, so you need to approach your topic in a unique way. This is particularly true for online content. If you google any topic, you’ll see thousands of articles, so make sure that your article is different than others.

Use Quotes

A good way to support your opinion is to provide quotes from trusted sources or reputable experts. Every time we learn something new, we want to see proofs, so evidence from proven sources will help you make your claims more convincing.

Include Interesting Facts

Include some facts from your personal life if the topic and the style of your writing allows you to do so. However, make sure that these facts will be actually interesting for your readers. An exciting fact is also a great way to start your article. This way, you will grab attention while also demonstrating your knowledge of the subject.

Be Specific and Clear

Authors who cannot make themselves clear are bad writers. The worst reaction to a book or article is readers guessing what you’ve wanted to say. If you have problems with expressing your thoughts, just practice more.

Write More

The only way to improve your writing is to actually write. The more you write, the better you become at it. We recommend that you write every day, polishing your skills. Practice will also help you learn new writing techniques.

Cyclical Writing

Some people write their thoughts and ideas chronologically, starting with an introduction, and then moving from paragraph to paragraph. However, there is also another approach: you can write one paragraph for each section at a time. This method will help you keep in mind all the key sections of your paper so that the final result will be focused and easy to read.

Enjoy What You Do

What motivates you to write? Are you thinking of readers who will like your work? It’s a good motivation but it’s not good enough to rely solely on it. You must enjoy the writing process and feel satisfaction from your own content. Otherwise, you will quickly lose motivation.

Read More

This is not a writing strategy but reading is crucial for every writer. First, the more you read, the more you learn. Secondly, reading will help you make your own texts more interesting and it will also give you inspiration.

We hope that our tips will help you become a better writer. Even though writing isn’t easy, practice and knowledge of the common writing techniques work wonders. All our tips have been tested by experts from and have proven to be effective. Follow our advice and discover your unique writing style!

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