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How To Write A Good Quality Essay

How To Write A Good Quality Essay

Teachers often try their students with writing some papers. This way they want to check what knowledge the latter have got. If you receive an assignment to write an essay, we would like to give you some tips how to do it right.

  1. Idea and research

First of all, you should collect all the relevant information on a subject. You can look for it on the internet. Start writing with a thesis statement, that is, an idea of your essay. For that you should have some background knowledge.

  • Find out what topics and sources (primary and secindary) your teacher would accept
  • Find a decent essay to check how many sources should be there and how they should be cited
  • Do not use Wikipedia as a source
  • Make notes, which later will help with the idea. To save time, note all citations as they should be
  • Prove your idea. However, do not miss any information that may contradict your opinion. You should have good points to underpin your idea.
  1. Analyze another essay

Study one of good essays so that you know how a paper should be structured and written, that is, introduction, body, conclusion etc. Of course, you should not copy that paper but write your own.

  • What arguments are used and how they are underpinned
  • How good the structure, thesis statement, vocabulary, sources etc. are there
  • What the author concludes and what answers they give
  • How effective the research and specific writing are
  1. Decide on main idea

You may have many thoughts, but you cannot write them all down. You should choose one idea and put it in the thesis statement that you are going to develop and support throughout the whole text.

  • Make a list of all your ideas and points
  • Check lists on other subjects to have a notice
  • Stick to your schedule. When you write the final sentence, it is still not over.
  1. Thesis statement should be clear

  • Check your list of ideas
  • Which one can you dwell on the most? Pick one, make a few points and underpin them. Make a conclusion.
  • Write a clear thesis statement. It should explain the main idea of your essay. It should interest the reader.
  • Your thesis statement should focus on what you are going to present, so that the reader can know if the information is important for them.
  • Essay should focus on a particular subject with particlar sources and evidences.
  • Do not write your paper in the first person unless it is a reflective essay or a personal statement.
  1. Plan your writing and prepare a final draft

When you know what and how to write, you save a lot of time. The introduction and thesis statement go first, of course. But do not hurry and at first make an outline. It looks like a table of contents, but it helps to move on in your writing. You will know when you need an argument and evidence. Therefore, your essay will be smooth.

  1. Writing the body

In the body you explain and prove or deny the idea mentioned in the introduction. Overall, an essay should not be too big. A few paragraphs will be fine. You should always get straight to the point so the paper is concise and understandable. If your essay appears to be long, make it shorter. People don’t like long reads.

  1. Choose the title wisely

Check other essays on the same subject for the titles if you don’t make up with your own. This way you can see what the reader might want to read.

  • Do not use cliche phrases. People know you are presenting your idea. Use various vocabulary.
  • You should start from a bit far, to talk on a general problem, and then come up to the specific issue you have been investigating. The thesis statement is a sort of conclusion of your introduction.
  • Your essay should not be more than one page long. Paragraphs should be short too, so the reader won’t feel bored.
  1. Conclusion

Mind that the conclusion should not have any examples. You summarize what you have already been said and prove your main idea.

  • Conclusion should give answers to introduction, thesis statement
  • You can provide your thesis statement again but in a different way. Now you have evidences that support your idea, so you can prove it
How To Write A Good Quality Essay
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