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Poetry Writing — a Simple Task for Our Experts

Poetry Writing — a Simple Task for Our Experts

Some people write poetry just for fun because they enjoy writing beautiful phrases about everything that looks important to them. On the other hand, there are many people that would like to do anything but poetry writing. For them, such a task is a sort of nightmare, but they need to deal with it in order to grade in a Literature or English course. If you’re one of such people, we can help you. If you don’t know how to finish your poem, or if you even don’t have any idea of how to start it, our professional writing experts will do exactly what you need.

Categories of Poetry

There are many kinds of poetry, and new genres appear constantly. No matter what kind of poetry you need to write, our experts will provide you with fast and qualitative help. Here are just a few forms of poetry that are most popular. Our experts have a great experience in writing them.

  • Sonnet. Usually, sonnets consist of fourteen lines written in a specific rhyming manner. There are two common styles of sonnet rhyming: the English pattern, and the Italian pattern. The English style looks as follows: abab cdcd efef gg. The Italian pattern is different from the previous one: abba abba cdcdcd.
  • Haiku. It’s a traditional Japanese genre of poetry that includes three lines written according to strict rules regarding the number of syllables. The typical haiku pattern includes five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the last line.
  • Clerihew. This type of poetry is also known as quatrain, and it includes four verse lines. Clerihew poems are usually biographical, with an aabb rhyme pattern.
  • Acrostic. It’s a Greek type of poetry that is quite different from all other styles. First letters of lines form a word that can be written from top to bottom.
  • Limerick. It’s a five-line style. Usually, such poems are humorous and consist of a triplet and a couplet. In other words, first three lines are written in the same rhyming pattern, while the last two lines have a different pattern.
  • Cinquain. These are five-line poems where each line is written according to certain strict rules. They begin with one word in the first line. The second line includes two words that describe the previous line. The third line that consists of three words represents an action, and the fourth line (with four words) represents a feeling. The last line is two words long and refers to the first line.
  • Ballad. It’s a musical form of poetry that consists of several stanzas and a verse that is repeated after every stanza.
  • Free verse. As its name suggests, this form of poetry doesn’t have any strict rules regarding its rhythm, rhyme, or form. A particular attention is paid to emotions and vivid images.

Our writers have a great experience in various academic fields, which allows them to write poetry of any kind. Our team of talented writing experts is always ready to help you in any situation. Just contact us now, and get your perfect poem on any topic!

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